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November 15, 2021

4 Must-Have Furniture Pieces In Your Living Room

A living room sees the maximum footfall in your home. It is where you spend the most time and also your primary space to play host. Having a living room with character and statement decor pieces gives the rest of your home an impressive prelude. While there are endless furnishing options to accentuate a living room, we believe that less is more. Having said that, you do need some functional furniture that is timeless, useful, and appealing. If you’re looking for furniture options that fit into the top interior furniture trends, your search ends here! We’ve put together a list of four must-have pieces of furniture that complete your living room set-up. 

coffee table

Coffee Table 

Having a functional and elegant coffee table ensures you can have your cake and eat it too, literally! Coffee tables fit just right between your lounge Seating and your entertainment unit. Choose a design that is ergonomically convenient for you. A table that’s too low is uncomfortable to use, while one too high doesn’t look like a Coffee table. Opt for a design with small concealed storage so you can store napkins, remote controls, chargers, and other essentials well within your reach. 

tv unit

TV Unit

An entertainment unit is the focal point of any living room. To ensure a seamless fuss-free look, choose a wall-mounted unit. A statement white or grey colored TV unit compliments all decor themes in a home. Polyurethane is a sturdy, elegant, and durable material for a TV unit. You can opt for a TV unit with shutters or an open TV unit if you don’t have clutter or multiple gadgets. Remember to choose a design that conceals all wires and cables so your entertainment unit has a neat and pleasant look. With the number of gadgets, devices, and technology involved in our lives today, it is always wise to choose a TV unit that had plenty of storage options. Retro Designs offers comprehensive entertainment units with ample storage for all your gadgets. 

Storage Chest

A versatile storage chest is a must-have piece of furniture in a living room. Go for a partially open and partially concealed arrangement so you can flaunt some artifacts and put away volumes of possessions behind shutters. It is wise to match the decorative finish of storage chests and entertainment units to give your living room a uniform silhouette. Storage chests are best chosen in veneers, polyurethane, or laminates to ensure longevity. 

Lounge Seating

The living room seating is where you spend most of your time. It is also your space to play host and unwind. This makes comfort, aesthetics, and quality of paramount importance when choosing living room seating. Chaise lounges, chesterfield sofas, and barrel chairs are great ideas to furnish your home with. They often unparalleled comfort while being classic designs that never go out of style. Choose your living room furniture from a reputed manufacturer so you’re certain of its durability and quality.

Furniture sets the tone for the character and theme of a living room. Choose bespoke furniture options that define your sense of style and keep up with requirements of functionality.

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