3 YouTube SEO Tips To Boost Your Video Views

Ranking your YouTube videos higher can be a real hassle especially if you do not know what to do. It’s not about just uploading your video, but it is about making your presence felt on YouTube. I’ve seen great videos failing to get better views due to poor SEO. There are ranking tips you should use to maximize your views. Here are few essential tips for you.

1. Create a good content

Create top-quality content that is fascinating and offer what your targeted viewers would enjoy watching. Your content must be able to compete with other top videos, remember it’s not only you who can upload videos to YouTube. Millions of videos are uploaded each day. When a video is good, viewers do not hesitate to share it on other social media platforms like Facebook.

2. Interact with your viewers

The reason why YouTube has a comment section is that you should use it to interact with your viewers. Don’t be lazy to read and reply the comments that you get on your videos. Through comments, you can get different opinions that may help you to maximize your presence, and you can encourage your viewers to share the video. Most viewers usually subscribe YouTube pages they feel to be part of. Just like people who love to play at online casinos such as Casino Australia they can relate to and trust.

3. Optimize video title

Optimizing the video title is very important. The title is what makes the video appear on the search engine results page. Your title should contain the keywords of what the video is about, or it’s content. Viewers search using keywords of what they are looking for. Ensure that your title is catchy as well. By using YouTube auto-complete feature, you’re able to pick-up the right title for your video. Auto-complete is a feature that completes the title for you once you type in few words in the search box.

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