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3 Simple Steps To Change Your Life

Success isn’t easy to come by, even if you have all the drive, talent, and opportunities. It takes something more to act as a catalyst to transform the components of successful entrepreneurship into the sort of life-changing enterprise every entrepreneur expects.

Fortunately, you need not seek that something alone, thanks to the guidance of serial entrepreneur and marketing coach mega-success Alex Jeffreys.

Who is Alex Jeffreys?

Alex Jeffreys is the founder and creator of, a rapidly growing company offering coaching services, marketing strategies, and coaching programs for marketers and entrepreneurs. Alex Jeffreys has become a well-known figure in entrepreneurial circles as a leading coach and consultant.

Alex Jeffreys began his career in coaching rather humbly, charging a little under $200 a spot for his services—and unsure whether he could demand even that much. Mentors and friends insisted that he needed to raise his price, which his coaching services held more value than he realized. They eventually pushed him to raise his prices to $500, but even as he took the advice, he remained self-conscious about the price.

It wasn’t until a trip to Vegas put Alex Jeffreys in contact with Jay Abraham that he realized the value of his service—a realization which not only improved the profits Alex Jeffreys saw from him coaching endeavors but empowered him to better coach his clients and customers. A discussion with Abraham about Jeffreys’ coaching business eventually led to the question of how much he charged for the service.

When he heard $500, Abraham was amused—then shocked, when he realized Jeffreys was serious. He immediately pressed Alex to raise his prices further, to $5,000 per spot; a fair value for the life-changing potential of Alex’s product.

When he got home, Jeffreys began carefully considering the state of his business and his goals for the future. He promptly began expansion of his coaching business with the creation of Alex Jeffreys’ Inner Circle program, which utilized a group call coaching model and an ongoing enrollment coaching program. His prices for these new programs started at $5,000 and moved up steadily.

Three Steps to Change Your Life

At $8 million in coaching success, Alex Jeffreys has a newfound understanding of the fear of success, undervaluing oneself, and pushing through to change your life for the better.

While it’s impossible to receive the full effect of Alex Jeffreys’ coaching without undertaking one of his programs, he nonetheless offers a simple three-step path to success well worth considering:

1) Take a step back and assess

Alex Jeffreys suggests that anyone endeavoring to change their life first understand why they want to change, why they feel stuck, and what will best motivate them to improve. For him, his efforts began with his family: struggling to support his wife and mother and deep in debt, Jeffreys felt he had no choice but success—however, terrified he may have been. That motivation drove him to start his first business and continued to drive him as he re-evaluated and evolved his endeavors.

In other words, it’s as important to carefully establish your motivations and understand why you want success and change as much as it is to figure out how to succeed in changing your life. Why do you hate your job? Why do you feel trapped? Why do you need something new? Once you know the answers, you’ll be able to naturally find the motivation you need to push through the struggles ahead.

2) Build a plan and follow it

Of course, motivation alone isn’t enough to carry you through to success. With your motivations firmly established, Alex Jeffreys advises the careful development of a long-term plan for success. More importantly, he insists that you stick to that plan firmly.

Confidence in your plans will allow you to overcome roadblocks and push past doubts and distractions along the way. While your plans may evolve in the face of new ideas and opportunities, as Jeffreys’ own coaching business did, it should do so in service to your long-term plans instead of pulling you from path to path without ever allowing you to advance.

3) Find a mentor and partner to support you

Alex Jeffreys concludes with a simple recommendation: find a mentor to help you figure out what you’re doing. A mentor who already understands the ins and outs of what you’re attempting will be able to help you push forward through tough times and retreat from mistakes.

For Alex Jeffreys, it was the advice of those further along in success that helped him raise his price first to $500, then to $5,000 and beyond. Without those mentors to guide him, he could have spent years charging $197 for services worth 25 times that.

Motivation, planning, and a bit of advice from someone that’s been there before—that’s all you need to change your life.

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