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Steve Biddle

workplace safety

How to Keep Yourself Safe at Work

Whether you are working at a construction site or in an office building, you are never really safe from certain risks. With the International Labor Organization estimating more than 340 million work-related accidents annually,
January 31, 2021
personal injury law

When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

In the year 2015, there were approximately 52,000 car accidents in LA. In 2016, this number increased significantly by nearly 20%, to a whopping 55,350. If the recent statistics are anything to
February 21, 2020
Car Accident

Car Accidents Will Hike Your Insurance Premiums

Some car accidents result in many fatalities every year. Others result in serious injuries which change the victim’s lifestyle forever, not to mention post-traumatic stress disorder. Apart from this, a single car
April 4, 2019
mobile app

Legal Firm vs. Legal Aid App

According to LegalShield, roughly 70 percent of people use their cell phones to search for legal guidance. It’s a statistic that fits in neatly with those from other industries. Increasingly, people are
October 19, 2018

3 Popular Myths About Life Insurance

When you are just getting started in your adult life, it can often seem as though there simply isn’t enough money to go around. Each time you make a major change such
September 6, 2018
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