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How iGaming Companies Work With Responsible Gaming

The multi-billion dollar iGaming industry is set to grow even further in the coming year. Sports betting has also seen tremendous growth, and new online casinos and sportsbooks are popping up constantly. This enormous spike in online gambling has resulted in a negative social effect. Critics of the industry say that being able to gamble… Keep Reading

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SparkleCOIN Is Using the Blockchain to Make Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Everyone

Cryptocurrencies, along with the broader implications of blockchain technology, are poised to disrupt core pillars of our modern economy. By scaling adoption of these digital assets, we can sustain levels of accessibility, liquidity, and security that society has never before seen in a fiscal system. SparkleCOIN, a hot blockchain startup, is on a mission to… Keep Reading

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Earning The Right Way

There are many ways to earn. For many people, the most appropriate type of making money is the one that is low risk. However, the majority of people prefer to get engaged in risky business practices, because this is the right way to get a good profit. Big money cannot be made without trespassing one’s… Keep Reading

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Blockchain & Loyalty Rewards Programs: Turning the Page

Its ability to disrupt many industries is undeniable. As for its potential to bring significant changes to the loyalty rewards landscape, the future certainly looks auspicious. Blockchain technology can deal with the challenges in the loyalty rewards industry. Although it is not a panacea for every single problem, there is definitely lots to benefit from… Keep Reading

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Meet The Entrepreneurs Behind The Digital Blockchain Revolution

The first wave of the digital revolution inspired an internet of access and information. The second generation, powered by blockchain technology, “is bringing us the Internet of value: a new platform to reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better,” says crypto-expert Don Tapscott. This second flood… Keep Reading

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Comparing Online Gambling in Czechia and Germany

Since January of this year, the online gambling landscape has changed dramatically in the Czechia as a result of new legislation designed to accommodate the major technological advancement of the past few decades: the internet. Shortly following the 1989 Velvet Revolution, which saw the fall of Communism in what was then Czechoslovakia, new business activities… Keep Reading

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Significant growth of gambling popularity in Spain and the rest of Europe

The popularity of the gambling industry has increased dramatically over the past decade in countries all over Europe, especially in Spain. A recent report by the UK Gambling Commission explains several key factors contributing to the current growth. According to statistics, Europe’s national revenue generated by online slots has grown by 84%. The frequency of… Keep Reading

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Casinos in Sydney Doubles Since Macau’s Corruption Crackdown

As the action in gambling in Macau continues to decline, the Australian gambling scene is getting very exciting. It seems that since the government crackdown on corruption in Macau, the high roller action has headed to Australia. The number of Asian players who have visited Australian gambling resorts has more than doubled. This traffic has… Keep Reading

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Getting Ready for Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments are only for those players that feel they have the experience and skills needed to do well in one of the most testing and competitive arenas in online gambling. You will be facing off against some of the most talented poker players on the internet, and you will need to have the… Keep Reading

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Need Help with Online Slot?

Online slot games are indeed some of the most straightforward and most enjoyable kinds of games to be found in online casinos due to their simplicity and overall exhilarating designs. Whether you have just begun playing online slot games, or are a seasoned player with much experience behind your name, there are always things that… Keep Reading

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