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Will it get harder to advertise gambling in Belgium?

Here’s a sure bet: Belgium is a country that loves to gamble. The country’s embrace of games of chance goes back six hundred years or more, to their 15th-century national lottery, and really flourished in the years after World War II. From horse-racing hippodromes to sports betting, from the modern national lottery of 1934 to… Keep Reading

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The Influence Of Cryptocurrencies On Prague’s Culture

While Prague might be perceived as a city full of history, beneath that lays a progressive attitude. Over the last half a century, the capital has become nothing but a hub for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and the  increasingly popular Ethereum (ETH). Here, we’re taking a closer look at the influence of cryptocurrencies on Prague’s culture… Keep Reading

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Things You Can Do With a Web Browser

Before using a computer, you traditionally have to go through a few mandatory steps: install an operating system, download and install the programs you want to use, and start working (or playing). Today, in turn, you can easily skip a few and start working faster than ever thanks to the emergence of a handful of… Keep Reading

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Challenges Bitcoin must overcome to become a global currency

Although Bitcoin has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world, we cannot forget that it’s still early days for the cryptocurrency. Right from its inception, it has been mostly an experiment on distributed currency and is constantly targeted by hackers. However, Bitcoin has emerged as a multibillion-dollar digital asset widely recognized globally, thus becoming a cause… Keep Reading

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How DasCoin Plans to Bring Equality to the Cryptocurrency Industry

Here is how DasCoin is working to make the cryptocurrencies trade a level playing field for all—from its own senior staff to the cryptocurrency newbie out there. In the recent times, if you wanted to own digital currency but were not a technologically-oriented person, you needed to find a brilliant tech professional to do the… Keep Reading

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iGaming industry comparison between US, UK, and Europe

Some of the best casinos in the world can be found in cities like Macao, China; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Monte Carlo, Monaco. These cities are home to luxurious resorts, exquisite boutiques, fine restaurants, and immense casino floors. Visiting these cities and their amenities are often once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those who love to gamble. But,… Keep Reading

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Online Gaming Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing

The European games industry is changing and starting to reach a wider audience than ever before. That is not to say that the traditional image of a gamer doesn’t still hold true, but the statistics are making some fascinating reading. The global gaming industry is big business. The latest figures are expected to show that… Keep Reading

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How iGaming Companies Work With Responsible Gaming

The multi-billion dollar iGaming industry is set to grow even further in the coming year. Sports betting has also seen tremendous growth, and new online casinos and sportsbooks are popping up constantly. This enormous spike in online gambling has resulted in a negative social effect. Critics of the industry say that being able to gamble… Keep Reading

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Earning The Right Way

There are many ways to earn. For many people, the most appropriate type of making money is the one that is low risk. However, the majority of people prefer to get engaged in risky business practices, because this is the right way to get a good profit. Big money cannot be made without trespassing one’s… Keep Reading

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