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Hollywood stars have arrived in wax

Madame Tussauds opens its first Prague exhibit, selfies encouraged You can pose with George Clooney, who has done the trick every secondary school boy tries: sitting on a sofa with his arm out, hoping a pretty woman falls into his embrace. The power couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in formal wear as… Keep Reading


NYU Prague hits the right note

Music program offers students a broad look at local culture While most of us enjoy music all year round, at NYU Prague that hadn’t been the case. The music program was offered only in the fall. Starting last year though, it expanded to the spring and fall semesters and may grow further. Not only that,… Keep Reading

Tim Burton

The World of Tim Burton Exhibition Opens In Prague

The famous director was in Prague to introduce a show of his props and drawings In what is surely to be the most popular exhibition of the year, 500 items from film director Tim Burton’s archives of more than 10,000 film-related pieces are going on display in Prague. Some 150 of them have never been… Keep Reading

Clooney, Pitt, WIllis and Kidman headed to Prague

Clooney, Pitt, Willis and Kidman headed to Prague

People will be able to take selfies with top Hollywood stars, thanks to Madame Tussauds World-famous wax museum Madame Tussauds is bringing a little bit of Hollywood to Prague starting April 11. A special show held at Wax Museum Prague will be the first of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The London-based waxworks… Keep Reading


MSNBC puts Czechoslovakia back on map

Czech Republic remains a mystery to news networks, social media There is nothing like a crisis in Europe to show how little the American news media knows about even the basics of Europe. Cable news channel MSNBC has aired a map of Eastern Europe showing Czechoslovakia sharing a border with troubled Ukraine. Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed… Keep Reading

top prague hotels
Food & Drink

New Year’s Eve at Prague’s top hotels

Gourmet meals, private fireworks and dancing till dawn If you want to splurge for New Year’s Eve, many of the big top-rated hotels are having gourmet meals followed by elaborate parties. One of the most elaborate evenings will be at Hilton Prague, which is using a New York City theme. Other players hoping to attract… Keep Reading

aliens and herons

Book: Aliens and Herons

A guide to a strange endangered species: public art from the Normalization era There used to be a law between 1965 and 1989 requiring between 1 and 4 percent of the funds for every building project be spent on public art. After 1989, though, not only was the law dropped but the ownership of the… Keep Reading


Club night: Transmission at O2 Arena

The year’s biggest dance party of the year is just days away Celebrating 10 years, the giant dance party Transmission takes place Nov. 30 at O2 Arena, its home since 2007. The UFO-shaped venue is a fitting space for a party that tries to create an out-of-this world atmosphere. The theme for this year is… Keep Reading

gallery czech

Czech Press Photo Awards capture year’s highlights

Shots of elections, international protests and daily life show the year that was A photo of disgraced politician David Rath won the top honors at the 19th annual Czech Press Photo awards. A court order kept the press away from the courtroom, but a clever photographer, Michal Komaryt, caught him in the elevator window. He… Keep Reading

Luka Lu Prague
Food & Drink

Luka Lu Restaurant Review: Some Balkan Color

A cluttered oasis in Malá Strana provides an escape from the outer world The liberal use of bright primary colors immediately lets you know that have left the grayish surroundings of Malá Strana behind and entered an Alice in Wonderland–style alternative reality. Tables and chairs are mounted on the ceiling, three giant bells hang in… Keep Reading

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