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Sewage Overflows
Posted on in Real Estate

Market Place Residents Fed Up with Sewage Overflows

Property owners in Great Bridge, Virginia are reporting human waste overflow along Market Place. Water systems nearby have been impacted thanks to the overflow from drainage systems. The issue, first appearing in early 2017, was promptly corrected by engineers who worked to clear sewer and drainage systems. One woman said waste water started to overflow… Keep Reading

Posted on in Education

Reduce Your Stress Around the University Application

Applying to university is without a doubt a stressful and time-consuming process. As technology continues to evolve, however, people are looking to the mass communication potential of the internet for ways to simplify the dreaded application process. In this article, we will review the steps necessary to get you admitted to the university of your… Keep Reading

Jean-Claude Juncker
Posted on in EU News

Wages and Salary Levels Will Determine the Future of Europe

The long-term survival of the European Union depends on eradicating the current wage gap between eastern and western member states – according to leading speakers at the “Equal pay for equal work” conference in Brussels on Monday. Distinguished economists, business leaders, and labor representatives discussed the causes and consequences of the enormous wage differences between… Keep Reading

linear actuators
Posted on in Technology

Advantages Of Electrical Linear Actuators

The evolution of science has led to many discoveries, including linear actuators that are heavily used in different industries. A linear actuator is a device that helps to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, allowing jobs to be completed swiftly without requiring manual work. The process is cost-effective and trouble-free. There are many advantages associated… Keep Reading

higher interest rates
Posted on in Business

BoE Rate Hike May Harm Consumers, Says Moody’s

Moody’s cautioned on Thursday that UK consumers are vulnerable to higher interest rates. The warning comes two weeks ahead of the central bank’s next meeting, during which they are expected to raise rates. The rate hike would be the first in nearly ten years. Moody’s also noted that British household debt levels are high and… Keep Reading

Posted on in Sports

Lee Chimerakis: How Bike Tours Irrevocably Change One’s Worldview

It’s quite common that the onset of a new decade in one’s life inspires a desire for change, for new experiences that broaden one’s perspective and feel worthy of an investment of time, one of the life’s greatest and most preciously limited commodities. For Lee Chimerakis, saying goodbye to his 50s and hello to his… Keep Reading

Nurse talking with elderly people
Posted on in EU News

Severe Human Rights Abuses Discovered in European Nursing Homes

A report published by the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions found cases of severe human rights abuses in nursing homes. The report highlights a serious issue in Europe’s aging population, which is set to increase from 18.5% in 2015 to 30% in 2060. The survey was conducted in six countries: Croatia, Belgium, Hungary,… Keep Reading

EU medical health procedures
Posted on in EU News

European Commission Approves Marketing of Bavencio

The European Commission has granted Merck and Pfizer Inc. (PFE) authorization to market a treatment for patients that suffer from metastatic Merel cell carcinoma. The monotherapy treatment, Bavencio, is offered to treat an aggressive and rare form of skin cancer. Bavencio is able to be marketed in 28 countries in the Eurozone, including Iceland, Norway,… Keep Reading

ceska narodni banka
Posted on in Business

Komercni Banka Expects Lending in the Czech Republic to Slow

Komercni Banka, a division of Societe Generale, said loan growth may not meet expectations, as corporate borrowing in the Czech Republic has slowed. Jiri Sperl, Chief Financial Officer, told Reuters that the bank expects “broadly flattish” revenue in its banking sector this year, even after it saw a boost from the interest rate tightening cycle… Keep Reading

Philip Hammond
Posted on in EU News

UK’s Philip Hammond May Cap Tuition Fees at £7,500

Students may soon save thousands of pounds in tuition fees, as the Chancellor mulls over cuts that would extend over a three-year period, The Independent reports. Philp Hammond is considering capping charges at £7,500 per year, down from the current rate of £9,250 per year. Hammond’s move comes after several warnings that graduates may not… Keep Reading

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