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director chair
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The World’s Top Five Film Festivals According to Beni Atoori

Beni Atoori is an internationally-acclaimed director, producer, and writer. He has 25 years of experience in the film industry. His big break was with the film, “Tis a Gift to Be Simple.” He also produced “The Last Movie Star.” Atoori has financed every one of his own films over his career as well as films… Keep Reading

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Vehicle Service Center on the Pros and Cons of New vs. Used Vehicles

One of the main questions most people must consider when purchasing a vehicle is whether to buy new or used. There is not just one answer that fits all situations, vehicles, and personal budgets. There are several factors that consumers must consider to crunch the numbers and make a well-reasoned choice. Companies like Vehicle Service… Keep Reading

Dental Health
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Marianne Cohan D.D.S. Discusses Why Dental Health Is Important

Having a beautiful smile is something that many people take for granted. After all, people normally do not realize how important their dental health is until they run into problems. For instance, try to remember the last time that you stopped and considered your dental health when there wasn’t a looming issue. Odds are, like… Keep Reading

finance app
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Connor Mulvey Shares Important Finance Concepts That Younger Generations Should Know

With the infinite amount of relevant life lessons that the new generations must be taught, choosing which topics to cover may be difficult. Fortunately, most schools will incorporate the basics of general knowledge while the parents are usually responsible for imparting wisdom about things like respect, manners, courtesy, and so on. Sometimes, however, some important… Keep Reading

cocktail on beach
Posted on in Travel

Colby Burke Explains Why Hilton Head Is the Ideal Traveling Destination

Finding a unique travel destination that is not going to host thousands of other tourists is borderline impossible nowadays. After all, most places that are popular for their attractions tend to be extremely busy year-round. Hence why going to New York City, per se, can often result in hours spent struggling through crowds and waiting… Keep Reading

POS system
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PCI HIPAA Explains the Latest Trends in Payment Processing and Security

As checks and cash become less popular means of payment, all businesses need to accept credit and debit cards. Businesses need to contract with merchant processing companies to accept card payments. There are many competing firms in the merchant processing market, and it can be challenging for businesses to determine which company is the best… Keep Reading

tax money
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Harold Adrion’s Analysis of Global Corporate Tax Reform

Lower-income countries are often disadvantaged when global corporate taxes are in force. The residence of the company is the factor determining its corporate tax liability. If a company has no physical presence in a country, it generally does not need to pay taxes there. In today’s shifting information economy, many companies doing business in a… Keep Reading

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Jesse Erdle’s Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs often need a road map to guide them toward success. There are many moving parts when starting a new business, and a lack of focus on important areas will cause a new business to fail. Jesse Erdle, the CEO of Dead Ringer, offers tips that will help any beginning entrepreneur start a successful… Keep Reading

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