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Arnold Budhram on New York Business and Home Improvements

Arnold Budhram is an experienced carpenter and entrepreneur living in New York City. After immigrating to the United States from Guyana in 1990, Arnold opened his own business, Arnibina Home Improvements, which he successfully operated for over a decade. As a high-end carpenter, New York business owner, and family man, Arnold Budhram is living the… Keep Reading

Miss Bongo
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Meredith Stevens of Miss Bongo Discusses Digital Design

As the VP for Digital Design for Miss Bongo, Meredith Stevens spends her summers in Santa Monica, California and her winters in Bondi Beach, Australia. Stevens is a talented graphic designer who brings the character Miss Bongo Prix to life with her fun and quirky artistic style. Stevens supervises a team of graphic artists who… Keep Reading

adult child mongolism mental disability
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Individual Advocacy Group Supports Adult Children with Disabilities

In 2015, almost 40 million Americans were identified as having disabilities that affect their daily life. Although the vast majority of them are not institutionalized, they require varying degrees of support to live successfully in the community. Instead, most people with intellectual/developmental disabilities will want to choose providers like the Individual Advocacy Group (IAG). Non-Stop… Keep Reading

agricultural spraying
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Derek Wheat Discusses Farming, Pesticides, and Monocrops

Derek Wheat is an organic farmer from California. He currently owns Derek Wheat Organic Farms in Rancho Palos Verdes. Although he started years ago, he still operates his business with the same passion. Before being a farm owner, he went to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis. After graduating, he began… Keep Reading

Kola Adesina
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Kola Adesina Discusses Modernization of Africa’s Energy Infrastructure

Kola Adesina is the managing director for Sahara Power Group. He is also an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Insurance. As one of the few professionals with such levels of knowledge, he was able to facilitate modernization of Africa’s energy sector. Given that he helped improve the country’s energy infrastructure, Kola Adesina is… Keep Reading

Eduard de Guardiola
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Eduard De Guardiola on Mentoring, Charity, Some Important Tips

Eduard De Guardiola is the founder of real estate company Vista Realty Partners which he created in 2000. The idea behind it was to develop a multifamily organization that will own, manages and develops assets. In the beginning, Eduard De Guardiola wanted to focus on the Southeast region. After a while, however, his success helped… Keep Reading

Carlos Jose
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Benefits of Electric Cars and Carlos Jose’s Input

Coming up with nature-friendly alternatives is one of the most common ways that people try to help the environment. Many years of slowly destroying our surroundings have finally forced people to promote sustainability. Consider, for example, the impact that cars have on the planet’s well-being. Looking at the overall picture of the pollution that the… Keep Reading

Andrew Knight New Canaan
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Andrew Knight New Canaan on Business Development

Andrew Knight New Canaan is a business developer who enables companies to improve their online presence using software solutions. As a pioneer of the digital world, he believes that long-term success is directly related to customer awareness. Given his skill set, he takes advantage of programming to raise that awareness to the next level. Currently,… Keep Reading

Nate Armstrong
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Nate Armstrong of Home Invest Talks About Real Estate and His Career

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is a real estate investor with unparalleled experience when it comes to coaching and negotiating. Thus far, he has worked with more than 800 students from all over the United States and Canada. His experience, which was gathered from more than 500 successful deals, helps him teach young investors about… Keep Reading

Harnick Kang
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Harnek Kang Discusses Physical Health and Property Development

In the spheres of property developers in the United Kingdom, Harnek Kang is a rather common name. With years of experience, Mr. Harnek Kang completed quite a few popular projects and participated in an abundance of ventures in Sheffield, England. Currently, he spends a lot of his time working with the local community to support… Keep Reading

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