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Tony Freudmann
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Tony Freudmann Explains the Business and Technology Helping Airports Run Smoothly

As some of the world’s busiest locations, airports are overrun with millions of people on a daily basis. Courtesy of their ever-increasing efficiency, individuals, can travel with minimal interruptions and reach new destinations smoothly. The trade-off, however, is that airports spend more money on technology than one can possibly comprehend. After all, this is what… Keep Reading

Data Management
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Profisee Explains Master Data Management and Why It’s Valuable

Master data management is a way for companies to integrate all of their various data sources and to assemble key indicators and statistics. Companies often have many different sources of data about their daily operations, from customer service to enterprise resource planning. It can be difficult to answer questions that reach across these different types… Keep Reading

Shane Smith
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Shane Smith’s Money Saving Tips for Millennials

A 2017 study by GoBankingRates found that the majority of millennials had less than $1,000 in savings and that a growing number had no savings at all. It is important for young people to reach financial independence and to be secure for retirement, even if it feels like that is too far in the future… Keep Reading

Douglas Petroshius
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Doug Petroshius Discusses How Intelligent Automation is Readily Available for Local Government

Intelligent Automation is a rapidly growing trend these days. Soon every City Manager, Executive Director, or Superintendent will be expected to incorporate automation in every process, especially when interacting with citizens and cutting costs. Doug Petroshius, President of eAllianceGov, agrees with this. Intelligent Automation is a game changer, and it can radically improve the ways… Keep Reading

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Sean Francis Tucker’s Tips for First-Time Real Estate Buyers

Getting into real estate is undoubtedly one of the most competitive ventures in today’s market. Courtesy of countless people who acquire their business or personal-use properties daily, one might struggle to make their first purchase. According to Sean Francis Tucker, a student who has some first-hand experience with these issues, there are innumerable barriers to… Keep Reading

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Wood Harris on How to Break into the Film Industry

Many aspiring actors want to become part of the film and television industry. Wood Harris, an established Hollywood actor with dozens of stage and screen credits, shares his advice with people who want to join the industry. Training Acting is a profession that is difficult to begin without the proper training. Not everyone needs to… Keep Reading

Money Management Mobile Apps
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Best Phone Apps for Money Management According to Michael Stummer

Learning how to manage money is one of the most difficult skills that everyone who is pursuing financial freedom must tackle. After all, earning a steady income is not enough to live in prosperity. Those who are not capable of properly distributing that income and ensuring that they can cover their expenses will often face… Keep Reading

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