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Prem Jyotish on the Place of Astrology and Numerology in Modern Society

When people are searching for answers in their lives, they often turn to astrology and numerology. While these ancient sciences are both valued by the spiritual seeker, they are very different. Prem Jyotish, the prominent astrologer, and numerologist explain the similarities and differences between these systems, detailing how everyday people can make use of their… Keep Reading

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Why Experts Like Gina Marta Utilize the Electroencephalograph

When it comes to critical medical procedures, electroencephalography (EEG) tends to come up in nearly every conversation. It has been around since the early 1900s, and now one of the most common ways to monitor the brain’s activity. In fact, thousands of people undergo this procedure on a daily basis as the means of finding… Keep Reading

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Impact of Tariffs on Businesses and Braidy Industries’ Response

After the current administration took over the White House, there have been a lot of changes to the governing style. Courtesy of the widespread effects of these changes, millions of business owners and taxpayers around the nation have been impacted in some way. Just consider, for example, how the latest tariffs that the United States… Keep Reading

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Knightsbridge PCS on the Importance of Having a Will

When it comes to the important responsibilities shared by every adult, there are a few documents that should always be up to date. These include a power of attorney, a potential DNR order, organ donor designations, and so on. One document, however, tends to be prioritized as it is the most important piece of paper… Keep Reading

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Grant Dennany on the Real Value of a College Degree

Getting a college degree is an important step toward future economic stability and career satisfaction. Although many high school graduates may feel that going to college is not necessary for future success, taking advantage of secondary education opportunities is a way to ensure that you will live your best life. Grant Dennany, an engineering student… Keep Reading

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Dr. Himachal Veligandla’s Tips for Recognizing a Heart Attack

With more than 600,000 people having a heart attack every year in the U.S., it important that everyone prepares for it. Naturally, that preparation should come in the form of proper dieting, high physical activity levels, and similar preventative measures. Nevertheless, it is equally as important to know how to recognize a heart attack as… Keep Reading

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