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Hank Schneider
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Dr. Hank Schneider Talks About Emergency Medicine and Conditions

Dr. Hank Schneider is currently working at Royal Surrey County Hospital as an emergency medicine doctor. His education revolved around the management of fractures, venous access, and multi-topic teaching. As a New Jersey native, he was raised by Irish and French parents with praise-worthy education backgrounds. With many years of medical experience under his belt,… Keep Reading

Lana Schumacher
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Dr. Lana Schumacher Discusses Thoracic Robotic Surgery

Dr. Lana Schumacher is a thoracic surgeon currently working at Allegheny Health Network. She double boarded in thoracic surgery and surgery. Dr. Schumacher trained at Stanford University Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Medical center. Her specialization is in the area of robotic thoracic surgery and thoracic oncology. In fact, she is serving as the… Keep Reading

Stephen Goehl
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Stephen Goehl Explains Healthy Financial Habits

Stephen Goehl is a financial advisor with more than four decades of experience. As a personal advisor for countless clients, he helped many people attain financial freedom over the years. Furthermore, he was recognized by the Top of the Table Qualifier for the Million Dollar Round Table. That rare achievement puts him within the top… Keep Reading

Marcus Fernandez
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Marcus Fernandez On His Law Career

Marcus Fernandez is a Tampa personal injury attorney currently working at Kinney Fernandez & Boire. With more than ten years of experience, he worked with dozens of associates and satisfied clients. Nonetheless, he did not always intend on pursuing a law degree. Instead, he began his endeavors by studying history. Soon, however, he realized that… Keep Reading

Brian Motroni
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Brian Motroni of Hunter Law P.A.

Brian Motroni of Hunter Law, P.A. is a personal injury attorney in Tampa with over 15 years of legal experience. He began his career in 2002 by working as a law clerk while in college and law school. He gained valuable experience handling all aspects of a case as a law clerk, case manager, paralegal,… Keep Reading

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Dr. Tad Tenney Describes His Career as a Chiropractor

Dr. Tad Tenney is a chiropractor currently practicing in Nevada. His specialization makes him a general chiropractor with expertise in spinal misalignments, back pain, and countless injuries. Over the course of his career, he worked with hundreds of people and attained a remarkable success rate with treatments. Additionally, Dr. Tad Tenney is an expert when… Keep Reading

Ismail Sirdah
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Ismail Sirdah Discusses Tips For A Successful Photography Studio

Ismail Sirdah is an Atlanta-based photographer who operates his studio. He is also a successful mentor at a photography school where people come to learn the basics. In the beginning, he was taking photos for his family’s popular restaurant. Doing so enabled him to avoid paying high fees to professionals and he soon realized that… Keep Reading

Robert Ebert
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Robert Ebert and Nanobots in the Future

Nanobots are currently one of the most researched tools in the world. Although most individuals are unfamiliar with the concept of these tiny devices, they can be quite powerful. In simple terms, they are robots that are built within one-nanometer body frame. That enables them to access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach.… Keep Reading

John Yanni Alphas
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John Yanni Alphas and Corporate Social Responsibility

When a business entity incorporates, it is doing so to raise a large amount of capital. Additionally, it is trying to find the right shareholders that will fund the company with decent contributions. In return, of course, they will use those funds to run operations and make a profit. Although such system works well for… Keep Reading

Saleh Stevens
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Saleh Stevens on Investing and Client Work

Saleh Stevens is a cryptocurrency expert, investor, and consultant. He started his career by obtaining a degree in computer science. Afterward, he worked in the industry for a few years before branching out to his own endeavors. His most prominent project involved an investment in Bitcoin before it became popular. Forecasting trends enabled Saleh Stevens… Keep Reading

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