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Craig Hazlett
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An Interview with Craig Hazlett of Victoria, BC

Relocation is typically recognized as part and parcel of the pursuit of any new or challenging professional opportunity, with many professionals viewing it as a temporary circumstance that will open the door to better opportunities in the future. For some, however, an opportunity requiring relocation not only leads to substantial professional growth; in many cases,… Keep Reading

Jeff Ber, Calgary
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Interview with Jeff Ber, Cancer Survivor

Jeff Ber is a former senior investment advisor turned competitive athlete who is dedicated to inspire those who struggle with cancer. Being a cancer survivor himself, Ber shares his story to convince others that even with extremely low odds, the disease can be beaten. He competes in athletic events, donates to charities, and volunteers, all… Keep Reading

Jon Palmieri
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Financial Advisor Jon Palmieri Discusses the Value of Leadership

Team-Building and the Other Qualities Instilled During Collegiate and Professional Sports Career There is an interesting phenomenon that tends to occur at the highest levels of competitive athletics, especially when the interest in a specific team (or individual player) is so great that the public has the opportunity to closely follow the team’s performance over… Keep Reading

Abe George
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Interview With Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney Abe George

A native and resident of Brooklyn, Abe George is one of the top-rated attorneys in New York City. He has a stellar legal career as a criminal defense lawyer and has worked as a public prosecutor, served in the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, and now leads a private practice. He is a firebrand advocate… Keep Reading

Mobilunity Management
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Interview with Top Management of Mobilunity, Dedicated Development Teams Provider

The new way to scale Czech business fast with developers from Ukraine No wonder that almost every company needs qualified technical talents. Many businesses go for offshore outsourcing services instead of hiring employees locally to minimize costs for IT requirements. IT outsourcing solutions have become widely used recently: according to the research conducted by Inavero,… Keep Reading

Business Signs
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Best Business Signs for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to make sure your customers see your holiday sales! Through the snow, sleet, short days, and frigid weather, everyone’s on the hunt for the best holiday bargains, from stocking stuffers to the “big present” they’ve been looking for all year. It’s not too late to get some great holiday signage up, leaving… Keep Reading

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Quantified Media: A Thought Leader In The Advertising Space

Traditionally, digital advertising experts design something eye-catching to market products and then pray that it works. The best are artistic geniuses, but there is very little science behind their approach. Quantified Media is taking digital advertising by storm with a combination of the creative strategy employed by others with a dedication to science to change… Keep Reading

Ask Bongo - Caroline Thompson
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Interview With Ask Bongo Business Development Manager Caroline Thompson

Caroline Thompson, of the leading SMS information service Ask Bongo, is a businesswoman with a vision. She’s poured her heart and mind into the Ask Bongo company, and that dedication has paid off. Australian-based Ask Bongo has grown significantly recently, with Thompson in the role of business development manager. Thompson attended the University of New… Keep Reading

Mark Yonker
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Marc Yonker Interview About Personal Injury Law

Marc Yonker, one of the co-founders of Winters & Yonker, is a respected attorney known for his expertise in personal injury law. Inspired to become an attorney at a young age by a close friend of the family, Mr. Yonker decided to found a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida, with Bill Winters, who… Keep Reading

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