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business-building process
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Interview with the Health-Centered Entrepreneur, Joel Landau

For New York City-based entrepreneur Joel Landau, empathy and human-centered care have always served as a cornerstone in the business-building process. With well over a decade of experience in investment and growing health-centered ventures in the city, Landau has established himself as a healthcare innovator and creative solutions provider. Today, he leads the Allure Group,… Keep Reading

Tana Ava Taylor
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“Tana Taylor Adoption” Climb Up to the Top

As one of the most popular photography companies in the Los Angeles vicinity, “Tana Taylor Adoption” brings a unique concept to business. The unstoppable pair, Tana Ava Taylor and Rose Hamilton specifically focus their lenses on families with recently adopted children. This special interest in families with adopted children comes from Taylor’s unique story of… Keep Reading

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Eric Dalius and the Value of Post-Secondary Education

Eric Dalius is a retired entrepreneur, marketing professional, real estate expert, and equal education advocate. He graduated from Penn State University in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Afterward, he spent over 25 years building a note-worthy career that is distinguished by more than $100 million in generated revenue. His roles include everything from… Keep Reading

Christopher Desousa
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Christopher Desousa Discusses Challenges Faced by College Athletes

Christopher Desousa is a student baseball player who also coaches younger individuals. He began his career at a young age and had over a decade of experience in the sport. As a student baseball player, Christopher is very much doing a balancing act between his sports life and his school life. Given his natural talent… Keep Reading

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Interview with EDM Pioneer and Star, DJ Enrique Cadena Marin

DJ Enrique Cadena Marin’s music career started off as mere experimentation. Influenced by classical Latin American folk music, classic pop, and reggae, along with contemporary rap and indie, Cadena Marin blended high-energy beats into a unique concoction of melodies. The results didn’t end in a cacophony of arrangements, though. Instead, DJ Enrique created a new… Keep Reading

Bishop Wayne T Jackson
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Bishop Wayne T. Jackson on Spirituality, Faith, and Mental Health

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is the founder and owner of the Impact Television Network. He started the network alongside his wife, and it is currently broadcasted to 80 million homes. Additionally, Wayne T. Jackson and his wife have spent the last 37 years serving as pastors of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, Michigan. In… Keep Reading

Dr Alex Lechin Lung Cancer
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Dr. Alex Lechin: A Basic Overview of Lung Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States. It causes approximately 150,000 deaths each year while over 230,000 people are diagnosed with it annually. Thus, although it is not the most common type of cancer, it is undoubtedly one of the most lethal. Although people… Keep Reading

Sharon Roth
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Sharon Roth and the Art of Listening

As simple as the act of listening may seem, it is actually much more than the straightforward act of paying attention. Beyond the mechanical work it takes to listen, one must maintain a high level of emotional involvement. Failing to do so will create what’s known as noise between the person talking and the one… Keep Reading

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen
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Monsignor Kenneth Steffen on Meditation and Prayers

Monsignor Kenneth Steffen is a co-pastor of the Saint Katharine Drexel Parish. He simultaneously began serving in this role and became a chaplain for the Saint Patrick Catholic School in 2001. He was ordained a priest in 1984 and currently holds an associate’s, bachelor’s, two master’s, and a doctorate’s degree. To make his accomplishments even… Keep Reading

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