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Real Estate Development
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Anthony Galeotafiore on the Pros and Cons and Real Estate Development

People are aware that real estate development is an investment vehicle that has a huge potential for staggering profits, but they also realize that there are risks as well. To learn about the pros and cons of real estate investment, we spoke with Anthony Galeotafiore. Galeotafiore is an experienced real estate professional who has worked… Keep Reading

property management
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Barker Management, Inc. Explains What Property Management Is and Why It Is Important

Property management is an important aspect of the business world. Property management involves overseeing the industrial, commercial, or residential real estate. This includes rental homes, apartments, condominiums, office space, industrial properties, and malls. Property management is generally handled by a company which is hired by the owner. The property manager works to keep the property… Keep Reading

furniture trends
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Top Interior Furniture Trends of 2019

Furniture can make or break a space, and every year, there are new, exciting trends to follow. The right piece of furniture can help a room look modern and open, or the furniture may make the room feel too cluttered and less like home. The top trends that are taking center stage in 2019, are:… Keep Reading

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What Home Buyers Need to Know About Homeowner’s Insurance

Shopping for homeowner’s insurance is arguably the least enjoyable part of the home-buying process, but it’s a necessary evil if you hope to close on the home of your dreams. If you want to avoid the panic and frustration of having to purchase a policy last minute, it’s best to start looking for homeowner’s insurance… Keep Reading

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How Your Bathroom Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Would you like to improve the look of your home and increase its value at the same time? One of the best ways to do this is through bathroom renovation on the property. Whether you are going to be selling the home, renting it out, or you just want an improved property, renovations to the… Keep Reading

air duct
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Why Ducted Air Conditioning is the Best Option in 2019

If you are sick and tired of spending the hottest parts of the year sweltering in the heat, you know that it is high time that you choose to add an AC system to your property. While you have several options available, ducted air conditioning can provide you with a range of benefits. It could… Keep Reading

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Elias Markos on the Latest Real Estate Trends in Toronto

In 2019, the Toronto real estate market is poised to recover from the difficulties it experienced in previous years. The housing bubble of 2017 has finally been conquered, with double-digit price increases firmly in the past. This more stable environment is beneficial for homeowners, even if real estate developers interested in making money in short-term… Keep Reading

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