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business abroad
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Things To Consider Before Starting A Business Abroad

If you’re considering starting a business abroad, you’re probably becoming somewhat overwhelmed by the excitement and thrill of this new business venture that you’re looking to enjoy. However, before you begin setting up your business abroad, there are some considerations that you will need to take into account, to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared… Keep Reading

tips small-business
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5 ways to save money while running a small business

For small businesses, mere survival can be an everyday struggle. Money is extremely hard-earned, while the funds that are being spent need to stretch as far as possible. Sometimes, creative thinking can go a very long way. As far as small businesses are concerned, creative thinking that is geared towards saving money is essential. Some… Keep Reading

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Criminal Code restricts media and sets age of consent at 14

The Czech Republic is poised to adopt sweeping changes to its Criminal Code after a 13-year effort to rewrite statutes that were last amended in 1961. The new code would, among other things, lower the age for consensual sex and criminal responsibility from 15 to 14, proposals that have created debate among Czech media, lawyers… Keep Reading

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