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Looking for Mozart: The Mozart Portrait by Barbara Krafft

The posthumous portrait of W.A. Mozart by the artist Barbara Krafft (1764-1825) is beyond reasonable doubt the most recognisable as Mozart in the popular imagination; certainly it formed the basis for the Mozart brand industry – complete with its confectionary – variations of it are the familiar ‘face’ of Mozart that greets us in the… Keep Reading

Mozart letter
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Mozart’s Letters and Prague

Mozart’s letters are unique. Like those of any composer, we are given a rare insight into the man behind the music, in his own words. We are so used to ‘hearing’ Mozart regarding a symphony or an aria; far less do we listen to him outside of the realm of music, to hear what he… Keep Reading

Maria Amalia of Habsburg Lorraina Parma
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Maria Amalia of Austria, Duchess of Parma in Prague

Maria Amalia, Archduchess of Austria and Duchess of Parma, (1746-1804) was the daughter of Maria Theresia of Austria – Queen of Bohemia and Holy Roman Empress by marriage – and Emperor Francis Stephen. To ‘locate’ her historically, it is normally easier to refer to her simply as the elder sister of Maria Antonia – the… Keep Reading

Medallion bust of Mozart
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A Little Known Plaque to Mozart in Czechia

A plaque exists to Mozart in Czechia, which is little known and whose location is unusual. It is not to be found in Prague, but en route to the city instead, again underlining the importance of Mozart’s peripatetic lifestyle as a freelance composer; the plaque is to be found in the small town of Caslav… Keep Reading

Olomouc Dolni Namesti
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Mozart in Olomouc

Olomouc’s connections with the childhood of W. A. Mozart are both rich and poignant, resulting in musical composition, and a lasting legacy – although at first glance, it is a legacy less visible than that for example, he left in Brno and of course, Prague. The Moravian city became a place of residence for the… Keep Reading

Café Mozart with a view of Astronomical Clock
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Prague’s Café Mozart

Most probably, we think first of the legendary historical café on Vienna’s Albertinaplatz, when we hear the words ‘Café Mozart’, or perhaps of the café of the same name on Salzburg’s Getreidegasse, the same street as the Mozart Geburtshaus, where W. A Mozart was born in 1756. Yet there are other much lesser known cafés… Keep Reading

Clementinum library
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Mozart’s Visit to the Klementinum

On 15 January 1787, W. A Mozart began a letter in Prague; unusually for him, especially in times of constant creativity, he finished it on the same day. The letter was addressed to one Gottfried von Jacquin (1767-92) back in Vienna. Jacquin worked at the Court Chancellery and had been one of Mozart’s closest friends… Keep Reading

Interior Estates Theatre
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Revisiting Don Giovanni

On 29 September 1787, Mozart wrote a letter to his brother-in-law, Johann Baptist Franz Berchtold zu Sonnenburg to say he would be leaving early for Prague. This casual remark makes no mention of the fact that Mozart was travelling with his wife Constanze to direct the world premiere of the opera Don Giovanni (K527) which… Keep Reading

Villa Bertramka
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Where did Mozart live in Prague?

While Vienna was undoubtedly Mozart’s creative home, the city of Prague opened its arms to him in the 1780s and received him as the composer of ‘Figaro’, which was given its Czech premiere in the Estates Theatre in 1786, to overwhelming success. This particular appreciation for Mozart’s music was peculiar to a late eighteenth century… Keep Reading

Decin Castle
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Tracing Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Czechia

Whilst the Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria visited the Czech capital at least twelve times, only once was he accompanied by his spouse, the legendary Empress Elisabeth. As well as being Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary (since 1867) Franz Josef was also titular King of Bohemia, although his uncle Ferdinand I was… Keep Reading

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