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Aztec Rapido tent-3
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Aztec Rapido Lightweight Backpacker Tent Review

It is a subject that is much discussed among camping enthusiasts: whether to buy a single-skin or a double-skin tent. There is a reason why most tents have an additional layer beneath the outer flysheet: it reduces the effects of condensation. Tent flysheets are typically not breathable, so moisture that escapes from the body at… Keep Reading

A sleeping bag fills the bag, so there is little extra room for a rucksack.
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Highlander Hawk Bivy Bag Review

When it comes to immersing yourself in nature, perhaps the best way to do it is to sleep than under the stars in a bivy bag. These waterproof sleeping bag covers are a lightweight alternative to a tent, and they offer the chance to enjoy a view of the night sky in a way that… Keep Reading

Czech Heaven
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Book Review: Czech Heaven

There is no doubting how important saints are to the Czech Republic. After all, a statue of one of them, Saint Wenceslas, occupies probably the most prominent location in the country at the top of the square that is named after him. The mounted statue of Saint Wenceslas has seen many of the key events… Keep Reading

Vík in Iceland's south coast
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Trekking Through the Rocky Mountains of Iceland

In Iceland’s central highlands the landscapes are often bare, with little more than rocks, snow and distant mountains. Small alpine flowering plants that manage to survive in these harsh surroundings offer a tiny splash of color. It is an area where few people live and that, for most of the year, is closed to vehicles… Keep Reading

Wild camping in England's Lake District
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Wild camping in England, if you are brave enough!

Camping in the wild – a great experience for those who seek adventure It is the middle of the night, and the only light comes from a full moon. Despite the potentially frightening surroundings, and the low temperature, I am glad to be here in a forest in the county of Suffolk in the east… Keep Reading

Me myself and Prague
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Book Review: Me, Myself & Prague by Rachael Weiss

Moving to a new city in a new country can be a disorientating experience, as anyone who has lived as an expat will know. For Australian Rachael Weiss, things were a little easier, at least regarding the practicalities: she had no need to look around for accommodation – perhaps the most stressful thing about setting… Keep Reading

Prachovské skály
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Bohemian Paradise Trails Offer Stunning Experience For Hikers

With hundreds of marked trails through the countryside, many easy to reach thanks to the comprehensive train network, the Czech Republic is perfect for hikers. The country offers a new opportunity every weekend for those who love the outdoors. Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering Yet, even with so many marvelous places for walks, the “Bohemian Paradise”… Keep Reading

pro-gun protest
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Weekly Review: Pro-gun Protest In Prague

The banners of a group of protesters who gathered in Prague recently explained their complaints in a style that was nothing if not dramatic. With large capital letters shouting NESAHEJ! ― DON’T TOUCH! ― placards depicted a sinister-looking hand covered in an EU flag moving in to take a Czech gun. Other posters showed the… Keep Reading

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Beer spa in Prague with a drinkable difference

Beer-themed venue with Krušovice on tap and water containing hops and yeast is popular with couples The Czech Republic could be described as the world’s beer capital, given that its citizens are the largest per capita consumers of the beverage anywhere on earth. And this does not include the amount consumed at beer spa’s in… Keep Reading

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From Karlštejn to Beroun: a walk through the woods

Well-marked trail offers a fine day out from Prague Dating from the mid 14th century and looking magnificent on its hilltop location, Karlštejn Castle is justifiably one of the Czech Republic’s biggest tourist attractions. Easy to reach on the double-decker City Elefant trains, it makes for an excellent day out from the capital. But the… Keep Reading

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