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irs tax audits
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6 Myths About IRS Tax Audits

There are a few phrases that strike terror in the hearts of even the most courageous people. Phrases like “I’m afraid you’re going to need a root canal,” and “it looks like the problem with your car is worse than we thought,” and of course: “you’re being audited by the IRS.” Of course, part of… Keep Reading

dim weight changes
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How to Reduce Rate Hikes Caused by DIM Weight Changes

If you use FedEx or UPS to ship products to customers locally, regionally or nationally within the U.S., then you are probably aware that the volumetric divisor has been lowered — and this will drive up your shipping costs. The volumetric divisor is used to calculate the dimensional (DIM) weight of parcels shipped domestically. In… Keep Reading

limo rental
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4 Things to Tell Your Limo Rental or Party Bus Company

Are you looking to rent a limo or party bus for a wedding, birthday party, graduation celebration, anniversary, awards banquet, or any other festive event? If so, then naturally you want the experience to be smooth, stress-free and successful. To help make that happen, here are four things you should be ready to tell a… Keep Reading

tubal reversal surgery
Posted on in Lifestyle

The Facts on Tubal Reversal Surgery

For a variety of reasons including the desire to mitigate health risks, manage pelvic pain (caused by endometriosis), or due to family planning or lifestyle factors, some women choose to prevent the possibility of pregnancy by undergoing a surgical procedure called tubal ligation, during which the fallopian tubes are tied (or burned) to prevent eggs… Keep Reading

Posted on in Business

A Closer Look at Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

While “filing for bankruptcy” may seem like a terrifying ordeal, you may be surprised to know that in a legal context, it is quite common and essentially an administrative function. Indeed, nearly 800,000 individuals and businesses in the U.S. filed for bankruptcy in 2016. That is more than 2000 a day! If you think, predict,… Keep Reading

car wraps
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What Are Car Wraps?

Car wraps are vinyl graphics that are installed on top of a vehicle’s original or OEM paint. They are available in a variety of customized sizes to fit both smaller cars, as well as and larger vans, RVs, trailers and busses. Quality is Everything When it comes to car wraps, while the design is obviously… Keep Reading

office design
Posted on in Real Estate

4 Best Practices for Medical and Dental Waiting Room Office Design

In the “old days,” medical and dental waiting offices were usually somewhat functional, but certainly not patient-friendly. The chairs were painful, the working space was non-existent, the lighting was cruel and unusual, and you were lucky to find a magazine from the current decade. Time has changed! These days, savvy practice leaders understand that making… Keep Reading

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