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Madrid Kybele Statue
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Perfect Weekend in Madrid: What to See in Two Days

Madrid is a glorious city that one would need weeks to explore fully. However, say, you have only one weekend there. How will you spend it to make the most out of your time, see the best sights, and taste the best foods? The answer is ‘by planning very carefully.’ It’s also important to understand… Keep Reading

Taj Mahal India
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Travel Tips for Students Traveling to India

India is known to be one of the finest destinations for high-quality education which attracts a heap of international students to the country. Every year, many students travel to India for educational purposes. India has been home to various renowned theorists, researchers, saints, and scientists from the time immemorial. India has some of the most… Keep Reading

india travel visa application
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How To Get Ready For Multiple Country Business Trips

The honor of being chosen to go on a multi-country business trip to represent your company is fantastic. This does not mean that you are going to be on vacation as there will be meetings, pitches, training, or whatever else the trip entails. Preparing for this trip should be done as far in advance as… Keep Reading

Canada flag
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What You Should Know When Planning An International Trip

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences you may have. Seeing the way that other people live can make you feel grateful for what you have or make you fall in love with a culture that is vastly different than your own. Traveling abroad is much different as some people do not know… Keep Reading

sleeping girl
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5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better When You Travel

5 Sleep Tips for Travelers It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling for business or for a little rest and relaxation; it can be tough to get a good night’s sleep on the go, no matter how tired you are. “Traveling can disrupt your sleep schedule, and that can make it tough to get a good… Keep Reading

world natural scenes
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Top 10 of the World’s Best Natural Areas to Visit That Are Under Threat

Humanity faces some urgent environmental threats: climate change, industrial pollution, agricultural runoff, habitat loss, and more. Sadly, these perils often have the most significant impact beyond the watchful gaze of the city- and suburb-dwellers — in the remote, wide-open spaces that make our planet so special. These 10 outdoor destinations are just some of the… Keep Reading

lion safari africa landscape
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Why Consider a Safari for Your Next Vacation?

When it comes to taking a vacation, there are all sorts of beautiful places you can visit around the world. Whatever your preferences when it comes to exploring the world, you will find a wide range of holiday experiences to suit your needs. Some of these may be pretty close to home while others are… Keep Reading

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How to save on your travel budget this Christmas

With the holiday season setting in fast, it’s time to make travel plans. Whether you plan to travel for Christmas or the New Year, taking trips during this time of the year can be chaotic and crowded too. This can easily affect your travel budget due to price increases, overbooked hotels, and public storage facilities… Keep Reading

budget travel
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Travel More, Spend Less: 6 Ideas to Stretch Your Travel Budget Further

According to an American Express study, the typical American spends $1,145 per person, per year on travel. That’s $2,290 for the average couple and $4,580 for a family of four. Travel spending doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Travelers have countless home-front expenses to worry about: rent or mortgage payments, tuition, utilities, groceries and food, and… Keep Reading

U.S. Visa
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Using Esta Visa and Entry Into Certain Countries

Millions of people want to visit the USA every year to see a variety of destinations like theme parks, national parks or big cities. Esta USA is a program that allows you an unlimited number of entries into the US for 2 years or until your passport has expired. This is perfect for the businesspeople… Keep Reading

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