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ship ferry
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How to travel with Ferries to Italy?

Transportation is an essential part of a country. It is the way through which a person reaches from one place to another. The waterways were major public transportation at a time when airplanes did not exist. These days the long distances are often covered by places. But short distances between islands or between two places… Keep Reading

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Traveling Abroad? Get An International Phone Card

There was a time when people managed to live their entire lives without being exposed to the world around them. This meant that they lived, studied, worked and died in their own country, among familiar faces without ever having to interact with anyone from a foreign country. There are indeed generations that have passed before… Keep Reading

cannabis shop
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The Rise of Cannabis Tourism

With Canada’s legalization of marijuana, cannabis tourism is on the rise. If you’re traveling to Prague, you may be wondering what the rules are or if you can even get a hold of cannabis while in town. Here’s the good news: Prague is one of the most liberal cities in Europe when it comes to… Keep Reading

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Top 6 Cities in the World to Play Chess

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. With a colorful history that dates back to 600 AD, nearly half a billion people play chess today. Chess masters can be found in nearly every city in the world, but these six cities have the most enthusiastic players. 1. Moscow, Russia… Keep Reading

travel credit card
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6 Credit Card Travel Benefits You Could Be Missing Out On

Most travelers are aware that you can earn air miles by using your credit card, and many travelers take advantage of this to rack up Airpoints which they can use to get free flights, accommodation and lots more. While this can be very rewarding, your credit card might come with other less known travel benefits… Keep Reading

Dry Tortugas National Park Florida
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Travel Tips For Those Heading To Florida For Holiday

Florida is a popular destination among people from all over the world as the state has quite a lot to offer. The state has quite a bit of money added to its economy due to the sheer amount of tourists that visit. Even some of the worst natural weather disasters cannot keep people from visiting… Keep Reading

eiffel tower paris
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7 French Cities You Should Visit Besides Paris

Been to Paris? 7 Other French Cities You Should Visit Paris is by far France’s most famous city. About 32.3 million people travel to Paris every year, to see the Eiffel Tower, eat crepes from a street vendor, and peruse the incredible architecture and history of the place. Paris is incredible, but it’s not the… Keep Reading

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3 Trips Every Family Should Take

Family vacations are a perfect way to get quality time with your family. Life can be crazy, so family trips are a way for the family to reconnect and make memories that will last a lifetime. We are going to talk about three trips that every family should take. These range from very affordable to… Keep Reading

Monte Carlo Casino
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Top 5 Destinations To Visit Before You Die

Many places around the world are popular and truly exciting, and many of us wanted to see them for all our lives. Niagara falls, Egyptian pyramids, Coliseum, Eiffel tower, Everest, and many, many more. They all are either the magnificent Nature’s creations or the humans’ attempts to build something higher and bigger than anyone else… Keep Reading

local friends
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5 Ways to Connect with Locals While Traveling

Traveling to a new country gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and lifestyle. While you can get a taste of the life in your new temporary home, the best way to truly see how people live is to connect with locals. Here’s how: 1. Make Friends with Everyone You Meet… Keep Reading

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