Best swimming pools in Prague (Spa – Beach – water sports)

The city has many options for cooling off in the heat

Prague is perfect, well, almost. The city is pretty far from the beach, so getting some swimming and sunbathing done takes  a bit of work. But there are some options to cool off on a hot day.  There are actually quite a few pools, but the largest and practically the only one anybody talks about is Podolí Swimming Pool. It can also get very crowded as a result. Nearby, though, is Žluté lázně, a riverfront recreation area with lots of space and places for sports and even picnics.

There are also some aquaparks, the largest of which is AquaPalace Praha, one of the top tourist attractions in the country in terms of visitors and the largest aquapark in Central Europe. Technically, it is just outside the city limits but still accessible by public transportation.

For people who prefer nature, there are reservoirs in the north and south of the city — at Divoká Šárka and Hostivař —both with areas for nude swimming and sunbathing.

Not only are the pools and reservoirs all over the map, so are the prices.

Aquacentrum Letnany Lagoon

Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon

In the north of Prague this swimming center opened in 2000. Its indoor pool has areas designated for fitness, that is swimming in lanes, and for splashing around and having fun. A notable feature is an 86 meter water slide. The complex also has a massage pool, paddling pool and water spouts. The venue also caters to birthday parties. Pools are accessible for the disabled.

Hours: 9:00 – 22:00

Prices: 2.5 hours – 140 Kč for adults, children up to 100 cm free,70 Kč  for children up to 145 cm; 100 Kč for students and seniors; monthly and multiple visit passes available



Aquacentrum Sutka

Aquacentrum Šutka

One of the newest swimming areas in Prague, this modern pool opened in 2012. It offers a 50 meter indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, two waterslides, a children’s pool nearby. Entry prices are a little steeper than similar places, but the cheerful atmosphere and plentiful food and drink options make it well worth the price.

Aquapark hours:

Mon–Fri 14:00–22:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–22:00

Pool hours:

Mon–Fri 6:00–22:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–22:00

Prices : Adult – 125 Kč for one hour, 350 Kč for the day; seniors & students up to 26 –95 Kč for one hour, 240 Kč for the day; children under 15 – 80 Kč for an hour, 190 Kč for the day



AquaPalace Praha

AquaPalace Praha

In terms of visitors, AquaPalace Praha was the third-most visited attraction in the Czech Republic, following Prague Castle and Prague Zoo. The complex offers what it calls a water world, a sauna world, a wellness center, a fitness center and even has a four-star hotel. It is significantly pricier than the competition, and the prices are rather complicated.

The water world has a waterslide, a toboggan run, a waterfall and fake cave, a relaxation waterpool, exercise pool and a wild river, with water attractions both indoors and outdoors. The sauna world, with separate prices, has various options ranging from Finnish sauna to a Roman spa.

Hours: Daily 9:00–23:00

Prices: varies depending on activity, starting at 215 Kč per hour or 719 Kč per day for adults in the water world




Divoká Šárka Swimming Pool

The large wilderness area Divoká Šárka has two swimming areas, a pool and a large lake. The pool is nice and big and there’s plenty of room to lay out. The beauty of the rest of the park might be too much to take in along with a day of swimming, so you’re likely to come back again. Entry prices are cheap and food and drinks are available. This pool is also perfect for kids, with plenty to keep them occupied (including trampolines!).

The reservoir is more popular, and also allows nude bathing and even has an area for dogs. The lake, formed by a dam, has a gravel bottom and grass and sand beaches. It claims to be the largest natural beach in Prague. A camp is next to the reservoir for people who want to stay overnight.

Hours: 9:00–19:00

Prices: 50 kć for adults, 40 Kč for students, 20 Kč for children under 10, and children under 5 are free.




Džbán reservoir (Koupaliště Džbán / vodní nádrž Džbán)

Hours: Daily, 8:00–21:00

Prices: Mon. free, 50 Kč for adults, children to 140 cm free, 20 Kč for dogs



Hostivar Beach

Hostivař Beach (Hostivařská přehrada /Areál koupaliště Hostivař)

The south of Prague has a popular outdoor swimming area and a separate, secluded nude swimming area. No dogs, bikes or glass bottles are allowed at this beach. The water comes from the Botič stream. The area also has volleyball courts and other facilities.  This place tends to be a bit less crowded than others because of its distance from the center and from public transportation.

Hours: 9:00–20:00

Prices: 80 Kč for adults, children to 100 cm free, 50 Kč for children to 140 cm; discounts in the afternoon and evening.



Koupaliste Petynka

Petynka Swimming Pool (Koupaliště Petynka)

Petynka is home to a grassy beach, clean water and a nice pool. There is a waterslide, kid’s pool and playground for children as well. Beach volleyball, football and ping-pong are common activities here. Petynka also offers free WiFi access. The pool is fully wheelchair accessible.

Hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Prices: 80 Kč for adults, 50 Kč for children up for 140 cm, 80 Kč for seniors



Podolí Swimming Pool

Podolí Swimming Pool (Plavecký stadion Podolí)

This is a large swimming facility of its type in Prague with one Olympic sized swimming pool inside and two decent sized pools outside, with a small children’s pool as well. There is a nice grassy area near the outdoor pools for lying out.  You can also find a fitness center, sauna, and an indoor café.

Hours: 6:00 – 21:45

Prices: All day – 160 Kč for adults, 100 Kč for students under 26, 90 Kč for children under 12/disabled; 8:00–15:00 – 120 Kč for adults, 90 Kč for students, 80 Kč for children




Stírka Swimming Pool (Koupalištì Stírka)

This modern pool is easily accessible by metro and super kid-friendly. The area surrounding the pool is fairly small, but can house a surprising number of people. There’s a large pool with ice cold water to cool down in and a smaller children’s pool nearby. Entry prices are a little steeper than similar places, but the cheerful atmosphere and plentiful food and drink options make it well worth the price.

Hours: 9:00–19:00

Prices: 140 Kč for adults, 120 Kč for students, 100 Kč for kids under 15 years, 80 Kč for kids under 150 cm tall




Žluté lázně

This quaint little sunbathing spot just off the Vltava River in Prague 4 has plenty to offer. There is a large grassy area and a sandy beach for sun bathing, as well as grounds for beach volleyball, ping-pong, giant chess and more. Paddleboards, longboards, scooters, inline skates and more are available for rent. Upon entry, you get a card with credits to use at any restaurant or bar in the complex. Essentially you getting in for free if you also consume a minimal amount, and you’re encouraged to enjoy the many options for a perfect summer snack available here. There is a pool near the children’s playground on the far end of the complex.  Its history goes back to the early 1900s.

Hours: 9:00–02:00

Price: 80 Kč for adults, 50 Kč for seniors, handicapped, students and children; children under 100 cm enter free; sports cost extra




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