Klimt painting, considered lost, unveiled at National Gallery

‘Lady with a Muff’ was thought to be missing for decades

Prague, June 27 (ČTK) — The National Gallery (NG) in Prague today put on display Gustav Klimt’s painting Lady with a Muff from 1916–17, considered missing for decades.

The painting was borrowed from a private Czech collection in which it has been since the early 1930s.

Lady with a Muff will feature alongside another two paintings by Klimt (1862–1918) in the NG for a period of time.

“The NG has achieved something that can be called an art history dream,” Helena Musilová, director of the NG Modern and Contemporary Art Collection, said.

“We are often addressed by the people claiming that they have certainly an original painting, but this is often not proven,” she added.

“Now we were addressed by the owner of a work by Klimt that was temporarily lent to the NG,” Musilová said.

Musilová said it did not often happen that a work of art that was not exhibited for decades resurfaced, and that she believed the painting would catch the attention of foreign researchers.

Previously, Lady with a Muff was publicly exhibited in 1926.

The painting has been lent to the NG indefinitely.

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