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January 13, 2017

Beer spa in Prague with a drinkable difference

Beer-themed venue with Krušovice on tap and water containing hops and yeast is popular with couples

The Czech Republic could be described as the world’s beer capital, given that its citizens are the largest per capita consumers of the beverage anywhere on earth. And this does not include the amount consumed at beer spa’s in Prague.

It is appropriate then that some of the major breweries offer guided tours, where visitors can get a little closer to the country’s favorite alcoholic drink by seeing how it is made and bottled.

In Prague, a whole new twist on the beer experience is now on offer, and it is one that is said to appeal to many romantic couples.

Spa Beerland Prague allows visitors to have a relaxing Jacuzzi bath in a liquid that includes many beer ingredients, all while they are having a glass or two of beer to drink.

Taking a formula that has proved popular in Karlovy Vary, where the same group of owners has an established beer spa, the Prague venue has already attracted tourists from far and wide since opening several months ago.

There are two rooms featuring oak Jacuzzis that contain more than just warm water. A bucket is used to mix a large spoonful of hops, a large spoonful of yeast, plus some beer, and this is poured into the Jacuzzi, so visitors are said to benefit from a dose of essential oils (from the hops) and vitamin B (from the yeast).

“It’s a full relaxation for your body. It massages your body, it opens up your pores. It takes the harmful ingredients out of your body,” said Kateřina Kolářová from the spa.

“It’s all natural ingredients. It’s not chemicals. It’s only good stuff.”

One of the rooms is called the Beer Spa and contains two Jacuzzis, each with space for two people, plus a large double bed covered with straw. The other room, known as Spa Beerland, has three Jacuzzis with space for two people each, plus a bed for four and a sauna. There are also WCs in a separate room.

The water in the Jacuzzi tends to be green in color, thanks to the hops, and people are advised not to shower for a few hours after getting out, in order to gain the full benefits of the oils and vitamins.

Each room is rented by the hour, and for the first 25 minutes visitors sit in the Jacuzzis, after which they rest on the straw-covered bed, which has sheets and blankets. Visitors can use bathing costumes if they like – or just wear their birthday suits.

Dark and light beer is available for free and there are 0.25 liter, 0.5 liter and 1.0 liter glasses.

“During the hour, you can drink as much beer as you want – dark and light Krušovice beers, it’s unlimited,” Kolářová said.

With music playing softly in the background, the beer spa is said to be popular with couples looking for a novel way to spend some romantic time together.

“Couples come very often – boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife. They take one Jacuzzi for two and they enjoy their time here. Sometimes they come with kids,” Kolářová added.

The venue opened a little over four months ago and was particularly busy in December, a popular month for foreign tourists. Visitors have come from countries such as Denmark, Germany, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Rooms are rented on an hourly basis and any individual or group has sole use for that time.

“There are [other beer spas] but they have a different kind of system. They’re not private like this one,” Kolářová said.

The spa is open from 10 am to 10 pm seven days a week, and prices for one hour start at 1,600 Kč for smaller room for one person, and rise to 10,000 Kč per hour for one hour’s rental of both rooms. A couple using a single Jacuzzi pays 2,300 Kč to use the smaller room and 3,000 Kč to use the larger room.

For those keen to take a little something away from their visit, branded liquid soap and shower gel is on sale.

But mostly it is the experience itself people visit for. They tend not to be disappointed, Kolářová said.

“People come and say they’ve not seen anything like this before. Then they come out and say it was amazing and they’ve enjoyed it so much,” she said.

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