EU increases humanitarian aid to Ukraine

New package is to ‘help those most vulnerable to get through the latest wave of hostilities and the coldest months of the year’ Add a comment

Czechs complete bridge in Central African Republic

War-ravaged nation in Africa receives donation through EU mission in the country Add a comment

Feud between Korean president and Japanese prime minister

Former Korean Army Colonel: ‘President Park Geun-hye is foolish to cozy up to China out of Anti-Japan sentiment’ Add a comment

Assad: Czech firms may assist in Syria's reconstruction

Syrian leader defends himself, claiming he has the support of the Syrian people Add a comment

Mongolian President to arrive in Prague by train

Zeman will welcome President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj in person at Prague’s main train station Add a comment

Observer: Violence is omnipresent in Congo

Czech soldier in UN mission shares his observations after one year Add a comment

Zeman criticizes historical Ukrainian leaders

Views on Bandera and Shukhevych differ but they are heroes in Ukraine Add a comment

EU-US trade agreement texts published

European Commission publishes TTIP texts as part of transparency initiative Add a comment

People in Need sends convoy to eastern Ukraine

Tons of winter clothing and roofing material will go to people who are victims of the conflict Add a comment

BIS: Suspicious money flow between Islamists

Czech counter-intelligence says Islamic fundamentalist getting foreign aid Add a comment

Zeman criticizes Ukrainian PM

President says Yatsenyuk is 'prime minister of war' Add a comment

Military donates winter clothes to Ukraine

Coats and plush hats among items being sent according to agreement Add a comment

EU responds to RFE/RL raid

Spokesperson says closing of Baku office violates international commitments Add a comment

RFE/RL journalists rounded up in Baku

Police going to reporters’ homes and denied the right to counsel Add a comment

Azerbaijan raids RFE/RL Baku bureau

Court order states that the raid was part of an ongoing investigation involving NGOs Add a comment

ForMin sends note in Norway custody case

Czech Republic has ‘created the conditions’ for two brothers come home Add a comment

Czechs send more ammunition to Kurds

27 tons of rockets for RPG launchers sent from Czech stockpiles Add a comment

Obama signs Ukraine Freedom Support Act

Law allows but does not require the US to send military aid to Ukraine Add a comment

Extradition hearing starts

Three men are accused of intending to sell arms and drugs to terrorists  Add a comment

Full text: News conference of Vladimir Putin

Russian president tries to put positive spin on economic recent developments Add a comment

Defense Minister visits Afghanistan

Stropnický visits for second time, brings holiday gifts for troops Add a comment

Ministry: Russia should help father get daughter back

Strasbourg court says daughter belongs with Czech father, not Russian mother Add a comment

Foreign Minister: CIA's methods unacceptable

The Czech Republic was used as a stopover to refuel at least one CIA plane Add a comment

Neven Mimica announces new support for fighting Ebola

On visit to Guinea, EU commissioner pledges more than €60 million in aid Add a comment

Zeman meets Azeri parliament head

Azeri dissidents are critical of presidents close ties to authoritarian, oil-rich nation Add a comment

RFE/RL reporter detained in Baku

Khadija Ismayilova sent to two-month pretrial detention Add a comment

Full text: Putin addresses Federal Assembly

Russian president holds a hard line on the Ukraine situation in a major annual speech Add a comment

Zaorálek: Iran, Syria could be allies

Czech foreign affairs minister hints at unusual cooperation against the Islamic State Add a comment

Fight against AIDS, Ebola strengthened

Europe and Africa double research efforts to tackle several infectious diseases Add a comment

Assisted reproduction may save northern white rhinos

Dvůr Králové zoo plans embryo transfer to save extremely endangered rhinos Add a comment