ForMins: Islamic State threatens whole world

Czech Foreign Minister Zaorálek is in Baghdad on an unannounced visit Add a comment

Czech, Tajik presidents discuss terrorism

Talks in Dushanbe focused on threat of Islamic fighters in Tajikistan and around the world Add a comment

Zeman calls Kazakhstan a ‘priority’ for Czech business

Central Asian country has been run by same president since 1991 Add a comment

Mládek: TTIP could become US election football

EU and US should agree on TTIP by end of 2015, just in time for the US presidential elections Add a comment

Delegation heading to Israel

Czech ministers to sign cooperation agreements on research and defense Add a comment

Aide: Zeman not an issue on PM’s US visit

Czech president was only criticized by right-wing Senator John McCain Add a comment

Ambassador to Ukraine called on carpet

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry apparently put off by Zeman’s interview on Russian TV Add a comment

Full text: Putin press conference at G20

Russian president left Brisbane early but insisted the approach at the ninth summit had been constructive Add a comment

Sobotka to meet Biden in Washington

Prime minister will also unveil a bust of Havel Add a comment

Sobotka may well receive very cool welcome in United States

Following statements that downplay Czech focus on human rights, prime minister might no longer visit White House Add a comment

Czech Republic participated in darknet action

US and Europe targeted ‘dark underbelly’ of the Internet Add a comment

Pachauri: ‘We really need action [on climate change] now’

Nobel Peace Prize–winning climate scientist says the weight of scientific evidence for man’s role in global warming is overwhelming Add a comment

Czechs support autonomy for Kurds in Kobanê

Demonstration in Prague calls for autonomy of Kurds in town on Syrian-Turkish border Add a comment

Israeli diplomat: Swedish recognition of Palestine not helping

Ambassador says step was in 'good faith' but won't bring expected results Add a comment

Zeman says Taiwan is part of China

Czech president opines that Taiwan will ‘soon’ be peacefully united with the mainland Add a comment

For Czech firms, it is Destination Belarus

Trade between the two countries is rising very fast, along with the number of major investment and construction opportunities Add a comment

Leon Panetta calls for military aid to Kiev

On visit to Prague, former U.S. defense secretary and director of the CIA says Putin will foment turmoil in Eastern Europe if region seems weak Add a comment

Mr. Nečas goes to China

Disgraced former prime minister will accompany president on business trip to the East Add a comment

Second update: 63 Czechs missing in Nepal

Czech Embassy has no contact with mountian climbers after disaster Add a comment

Forum 2000 wraps up third day

Andrey Zubov: Communism [in Russia] has returned in the form of authoritarian fascism Add a comment

Forum 2000: Democracy is not a utopian dream

It is a political system that deals with human beings as they are Add a comment

Full text: Putin speaks at Supreme Eurasian Economic Council summit meeting

The Russian president welcomes Armenia to union, talks about relationship with Ukraine Add a comment

Pakistan looks to intensify cooperation with Czech Republic

Ambassador from south Asian country says most of its economic centers are safe Add a comment

Uzbek dictator to visit Prague in 2015

Visit of President Karimov was postponed earlier this year after outcry from Czech NGOs Add a comment

Some 4 million Kč to be spent on combating Ebola

Czech Republic’s contribution will mostly finance protective aids, gloves Add a comment

Full text: Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s speech at United Nations

Ukrainian prime minister addresses General Assembly, says Ukraine ‘knows what terrorism means’ Add a comment

Kerry, Zaorálek discuss Islamic State, Ukraine

Top U.S., Czech foreign affairs officials agree on approach to major conflicts Add a comment

Havel's monument to be unveiled in Tbilisi in 2015 

Georgian capital already has a park in his honor; meanwhile, money is being collected for a life-size bronze statue in the Czech Republic Add a comment

Zaorálek: Prague is fulfilling climate commitments

At UN Climate Summit, Czech foreign affairs minister says country has gone even farther to diminish greenhouse gases than it was required to Add a comment

RFE/RL celebrates landmark in Ukraine

Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko hail RFE/RL's Ukrainian service on its 60th anniversary Add a comment