Mr. Nečas goes to China

Disgraced former prime minister will accompany president on business trip to the East Add a comment

Second update: 63 Czechs missing in Nepal

Czech Embassy has no contact with mountian climbers after disaster Add a comment

Forum 2000 wraps up third day

Andrey Zubov: Communism [in Russia] has returned in the form of authoritarian fascism Add a comment

Forum 2000: Democracy is not a utopian dream

It is a political system that deals with human beings as they are Add a comment

Full text: Putin speaks at Supreme Eurasian Economic Council summit meeting

The Russian president welcomes Armenia to union, talks about relationship with Ukraine Add a comment

Pakistan looks to intensify cooperation with Czech Republic

Ambassador from south Asian country says most of its economic centers are safe Add a comment

Uzbek dictator to visit Prague in 2015

Visit of President Karimov was postponed earlier this year after outcry from Czech NGOs Add a comment

Some 4 million Kč to be spent on combating Ebola

Czech Republic’s contribution will mostly finance protective aids, gloves Add a comment

Full text: Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s speech at United Nations

Ukrainian prime minister addresses General Assembly, says Ukraine ‘knows what terrorism means’ Add a comment

Kerry, Zaorálek discuss Islamic State, Ukraine

Top U.S., Czech foreign affairs officials agree on approach to major conflicts Add a comment

Havel's monument to be unveiled in Tbilisi in 2015 

Georgian capital already has a park in his honor; meanwhile, money is being collected for a life-size bronze statue in the Czech Republic Add a comment

Zaorálek: Prague is fulfilling climate commitments

At UN Climate Summit, Czech foreign affairs minister says country has gone even farther to diminish greenhouse gases than it was required to Add a comment

RFE/RL celebrates landmark in Ukraine

Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko hail RFE/RL's Ukrainian service on its 60th anniversary Add a comment

Petr Pavel will lead NATO Military Committee

Czech military chief-of-staff will take up post in 2015 Add a comment

Czechs to provide money, protection in anti-Ebola fight

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says the gov’t will contribute some 3 million Kč in aid Add a comment

Czech Republic sends business delegation to Iran

Country’s trade relationship with the Islamic Republic goes back nearly a century Add a comment

Poroshenko: First 20 prisoners of war have been freed

Ukrainian president also calls for modernization of army, voices support for Mariupol Add a comment

Head of Knesset meets Hamáček, talks Hamas

Israel’s speaker rails against the Palestinian Islamic organization in control of the Gaza Strip Add a comment

Czech Foreign Minister to discuss arms deliveries in Bagdad

Kurds are set to receive AK-47 ammunition, grenades and bazooka rockets Add a comment

Aid groups concerned about coming winter in Ukraine

Czech humanitarian groups still provide help in eastern Ukraine Add a comment

NATO voices support for Ukraine

Secretary General says a NATO will help with logistics, command and control communications, cyber defense Add a comment

Putin and Poroshenko outline their peace proposals

The two leaders discussed a ceasefire and possible steps for the future Add a comment

Obama: ‘We will not be intimidated’

US president reaffirm NATO commitment to Baltic States, condemns murder of journalist in Middle East Add a comment

Eight Putin quotes put the man in perspective

To some, these words may present a leader that deserves respect; to others, one that should be feared Add a comment

Barroso: Ukraine crisis could reach 'the point of no return'

Poroshenko mentions the need for the 'military-technical support of the EU member-states' Add a comment

Zeman accepts invitation to go to China

China’s first vice premier extends invitation on behalf of President Xi Add a comment

Poroshenko to visit White House

President Obama will discuss American support for Ukraine Add a comment

Progress made on Ukraine talks

Presidents of Russia and Ukraine agree to further discussions on a ceasefire Add a comment

Full text: Putin’s speech in Belarus

Putin warns that closer ties to the EU ‘will cost Ukraine billions of euros’ Add a comment

Gaza children hurt in Israeli attacks may be treated in Prague

Details, feasibility of Czech initiative still being discussed by foreign affairs, interior ministries Add a comment