Zeman to focus on economic issues with China

Czech president’s other foreign trips this year include stops in Tajikistan, but criticism has led to his meeting with authoritarian Uzbek president getting postponed Add a comment

Zeman supports Czech aid to Kurds fighting Islamists

Czech Republic looks to strengthen its relationship with Kurdistan by upgrading its diplomatic mission in Erbil to an honorary consulate Add a comment

What is going on in Azerbaijan?

Widespread clampdown on human rights activists and a Twitter rant by president of country currently presiding over the Council of Europe Add a comment

Poroshenko expands police powers

Special means and firearms now can be used without warning Add a comment

NATO air force training slated for Czech Republic

Gripens, F-16s, Apaches and Soviet-era choppers to be involved Add a comment

Iraq welcomes potential military offer from ČR

Ambassador in Prague says it is crucial ISIL get no support for their activities Add a comment

Poroshenko: 25 captured soldiers freed

More than 100 still held by rebels in breakaway regions Add a comment

Another Czech military unit to leave for Mali

Unit will likely leave for turbulent West African country in September Add a comment

Zeman invites leaders from North Africa, Middle East

King of Morocco, president of Egypt among those to receive invitation from Czech head of state Add a comment

Barosso talks to Poroshenko and Putin over Ukraine crisis

All sides voice concern over the impact on the civilian population Add a comment

Ministry warns against travel to Russian border

Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan are hotspots that could easily see violence flare up Add a comment

Czech exporters eyeing Iran

Islamic Republic looks more and more appealing to local producers Add a comment

People in Need prize winner detained in Azerbaijan

Intiqam Aliyev has been critical of the government, which has been cracking down on opponents Add a comment

Kremlin: Ukraine is ‘large-scale humanitarian disaster’

War of words heats up, while Russia blocks food imports from EU Add a comment

Full text: Medvedev outlines ban on EU food imports

Prime minister claims the embargo will provide an opportunity for Russian farmers Add a comment

The world waits: Will Russia invade Ukraine?

World leaders are nervous as Putin’s forces are reportedly amassing at turbulent border Add a comment

Zeman invites new Israeli president to Prague

Reuven Rivlin was inaugurated in the midst of the recent war in Gaza Add a comment

Czechs to get Ebola info

Health official says he hopes an informed public will prevent an outbreak of terrifying disease Add a comment

EU leaders call for two-state solution in Gaza crisis

Presidents Barroso and Van Rompuy want an immediate end to violence Add a comment

Foreign Affairs Ministry warns of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Epidemic has already killed more than 700 people in Western Africa, but for the moment the Czech Republic remains unaffected Add a comment

Putin tells Obama sanctions are ‘counterproductive’

Two presidents talk about diplomatic solution; US vice president promises aid to Poroshenko Add a comment

Czech Republic shutters embassy in Libya

Employees at diplomatic mission are evacuated due to instability in the country Add a comment

G7 announces coordinated sanctions on Russia

Group of leading economies urges Russia to change course Add a comment

Foreign Affairs Ministry releases statement on crisis in Gaza

Czech Republic says Israel has a ‘right to reasonable self-defense’ Add a comment

Stay away from Libya

Foreign Affairs Ministry warns against traveling to volatile North African country Add a comment

Obama and EU leaders discuss Ukraine and Gaza

Five world leaders call for coordinated efforts on sanctions against Russia Add a comment

Russia looks to increase domestic weapons production

Putin: ‘We can definitely produce everything we need ourselves’ Add a comment

Putin inspects Russian Navy, promises more vessels

Strengthening the Black Sea Fleet’s capability is ‘a priority’ Add a comment

Poroshenko: ‘We have managed to create new Armed Forces’

Ukrainian president visits National Guard training center near Kyiv Add a comment

Australian PM offers 50 police to secure MH17 crash site

Poroshenko condemns continued shelling in the area, calls for ‘terrorist’ designations Add a comment