Foreign Affairs Ministry releases statement on crisis in Gaza

Czech Republic says Israel has a ‘right to reasonable self-defense’ Add a comment

Stay away from Libya

Foreign Affairs Ministry warns against traveling to volatile North African country Add a comment

Obama and EU leaders discuss Ukraine and Gaza

Five world leaders call for coordinated efforts on sanctions against Russia Add a comment

Russia looks to increase domestic weapons production

Putin: ‘We can definitely produce everything we need ourselves’ Add a comment

Putin inspects Russian Navy, promises more vessels

Strengthening the Black Sea Fleet’s capability is ‘a priority’ Add a comment

Poroshenko: ‘We have managed to create new Armed Forces’

Ukrainian president visits National Guard training center near Kyiv Add a comment

Australian PM offers 50 police to secure MH17 crash site

Poroshenko condemns continued shelling in the area, calls for ‘terrorist’ designations Add a comment

Poroshenko: No martial law

Head of state is calling for other countries to recognize pro-Russian rebels as terrorists Add a comment

Putin: 'We will react appropriately' to NATO

Russian leader warns against NATO encroachment and vows to protect Russians 'regardless of where they live' Add a comment

US gov’t: MH17 ‘likely’ downed by separatists

‘We are confident no Ukrainian air defense systems were within range of the crash’ Add a comment

Kerry: Russia must act to reduce tensions in Ukraine

US secretary of state goes on media offensive over downing of Malaysian airliner in Ukraine Add a comment

Full text: President Poroshenko's speech on the crash of MH17

Address of the President on the occasion of the crash of Malaysia Airlines aircraft Add a comment

Medicines imported from China pose danger to Czech patients

‘Respekt’ reporter discusses how government’s U-turn on China policy may lead to serious health concerns Add a comment

Passenger jet crashes in Ukraine

Ukrainian president sets up commission over downed airliner, promises justice Add a comment

Czech Embassy in Kabul evacuated following terrorist threat

Evacuation follows on heels of bomb attack last week that killed five Czech servicemen Add a comment

Putin says Russia is ready to host 2018 World Cup

Russian president calls tournament a chance to ‘fight drugs and racism’ but critics call for a boycott Add a comment

Politicians praise Czech soldiers killed in Afghanistan

However, parties disagree on whether Czech soldiers should be in foreign wars Add a comment

Afghan assassin wore police uniform

Four Czech soldiers killed in Afghanistan Add a comment

EU ambassador: Baghdad ignored Sunni problems

Jana Hybášková says Sunni population has been marginalized, not represented Add a comment

Putin visits Belarus while EU meets human rights activist

Lukashenko promises to support Russia, but gives speech in Belarusian language Add a comment

Putin has more harsh words for NATO and Ukraine

New speech lays out his plan to protect all people who 'consider themselves Russian' Add a comment
Full text of president’s speech follows a summary of the official press statement Add a comment

Assassin Gavrilo Princip gets a statue in Sarajevo

The man whose shot started World War I is honored in bronze Add a comment

Pioneers in green energy

Czech company will build Russia’s first large-scale wind power plants Add a comment

Ukrainian president talks to Biden about peace plan

US vice president’s office says US is working with G7 on further sanctions Add a comment

Putin and Obama discuss Ukraine peace plan

Two leaders back efforts for peace, Obama says more than words are needed Add a comment

PSJ to build terminal at international airport in Nizhny Novgorod

Czech construction company won tender from among 23 initial bidders Add a comment

Zeman to give posthumous award to Gorbanevskaya

Russian dissident and seven others protested on Red Square against 1968 occupation of Czechoslovakia Add a comment

Putin and Poroshenko discuss peace plan

Russian and Ukrainian leaders have talked on the phone, but official accounts differ Add a comment

Iraq negotiates on purchase of Czech Mi-24 combat helicopters

Current turmoil in the Middle Eastern nation, which is fighting fast-moving ISIS radicals, has complicated discussions Add a comment