Just is, just war, just shoot

‘Psychiatry has a term for such compartmentalizing of otherwise alarming and revealing fractures: dissociation’ Add a comment

You say you want a revelation

‘There was a time when media were deeply respected as the so-called Fourth Estate, which took serious the public interest’ Add a comment

Je Suis: Malcolm X

‘Our common hatred was in the form of the racial lines one must not cross’ Add a comment

Euro-Greece crisis: Time for a compromise

‘Ironically, too stringent austerity policies have only intensified Europe’s erosion, especially relative to the U.S’ Add a comment

I Spy With My Little I

‘Some people are finding it harder and harder to distinguish between real people and targets from some Call of Duty scenario’ Add a comment

The trans-Atlantic scramble for free trade deals

The year 2015 is the defining moment for the US-led talks on free trade initiatives with Europe and Asia Pacific. As time is running out, pressure is rising. Add a comment

Beyond the Thunderdome of Good and Evil

‘Maybe this celebration was so low-key because it, too, has gone badly’ Add a comment

The Drive-By Poetry Wars of Prague Tomorrow

Recently announced poetry machines open a world of impossibilities Add a comment

Lies and deception in Ukraine's energy sector

‘Instead of working closely with the industry the Government has already pushed independent businesses out of the gas market’ Add a comment

Segregation: A Presidential Policy in Prague?

'President Zeman’s statements lack credibility and are irresponsible, particularly in the context of ongoing education law reform' Add a comment

Insult to injury: Public put in spin cycle on torture

The truism ‘you reap what you sow’ explains why the media coverage following the Paris attack has been so distorted Add a comment

Who is responsible for Žižkov clinic?

Conflict over dilapidated building points to bigger social issues Add a comment

EP president comments on Auschwitz and Paris attacks

Schulz: Auschwitz was ‘the worst breakdown of civilization in human history’ Add a comment

The most dangerous game people play

‘The first clear sign of the impending collapse of a civilization is when it throws its own most cherished ideals under the bus’ Add a comment

Klaus: Government does not give people hope

Former president finds much to complain about, says country is becoming a 'police state' Add a comment

I resolve (one more time)

Looking ahead to 2015 with a bit of trepidation Add a comment

Zeman blasted in press

LN: Lack of self-control is one of Zeman’s fundamental features Add a comment

Most politicians critical of Zeman’s Christmas address

Speech lacked vision and went into unnecessary controversies, according to president’s critics Add a comment

Diogenes and the tyrants of data

‘We are witnessing the rise of global totalitarianism on the back of Big Data and its delivery system, the Internet’ Add a comment

Zaorálek: U.S.–Cuba step is ‘responsible policy’

But Zeman says it is proof that sanctions don’t work, compares situation to Russia Add a comment

Pehe: Havel’s heritage shrinks into clichés

Three years after Havel’s death, his adviser looks back Add a comment

When levity left the building

In this year of remembrance we look back at Abbie Hoffman, who died 25 years ago and has been overlooked among all the other celebrations Add a comment

Opinion: Sanctions threatening war

‘In the win and lose of economies, the ruble’s decline has hurt all those countries that export to Russia most of all’ Add a comment

Zeman to visit U.S. in March

HN: White House reception unlikely due to his pro-Russia stance Add a comment

The unjustified mean end of privacy

‘If we accept that privacy is at the core of freedom, then it’s clear we are rapidly moving away from, not toward freedom’ Add a comment

Are You Talkin’ To Me?

The lack of privacy in the modern age should be more concerning Add a comment

TOP 09 under the microscope

Press: Bad campaign, breakup with STAN cause TOP 09 election defeat Add a comment

Poll: Zeman gives country bad name

President hopes to correct people on their negative opinions Add a comment

WaPo slams Zeman as Putin's 'mouthpiece'

Leading US daily takes a harsh look at leaders of Czech Republic and Hungary Add a comment

Bloom wears off Czech–US relations

Právo: Zeman, Temelín cancellation, NATO spending among reasons for Sobotka’s cool reception Add a comment