A war on truth?

NYT reporter claims the US has followed policies that led the world astray Add a comment

Kremlin shows favor to Zeman

MfD: Russian Foreign Minister enjoys having a smoke with Czech president Add a comment

The Wonderful Police State of Oz

Oh what a difference a week doesn’t make Add a comment

Eyes on ISIS should be on US

More fighting the symptoms, not the causes, of terror Add a comment

Tracking the Good Soldier K.

‘You have to wonder what he’d think of the burgeoning surveillance state of the world, and its general growing creepiness’ Add a comment

MfD: Ultra-left extremists active

Extremism expert says anarchist groups haven't been mapped appropriately Add a comment

From Scotland to Eastern Ukraine

Calls for self determination divide Europe Add a comment

Islamic State's ultimate goal: Saudi Arabia's oil wells

‘IS knows that it will only feel secure once Saudi Arabia is part of the Caliphate, and its oil fields are under IS control’ Add a comment

Vladimir Putin has won

'The official word out of Moscow was that nothing was happening and that the Russian military wasn’t involved' Add a comment

Reading Israel from Left to Right

'The most sinister form of anti-Zionism is to be found among leftists who see Israel and the US as the planet’s twin evils' Add a comment

Renzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss

‘Mogherini’s appointment bodes ill for progress toward a more assertive, or at least unified and coherent, European foreign-policy stance’ Add a comment

The Greater Depression

'Inflation has been declining for so long that it is now threatening price stability' Add a comment

The military coup that almost was (and maybe is)

Richard Nixon’s legacy is more alive and well than it should be Add a comment

Building NATO’s ‘Weimar Triangle’

‘The West’s military response to Russia’s new assertiveness ... has been uncoordinated and reluctant’ Add a comment

Bringing It Back Home

‘America’s current tax system adversely affects the US economy in several ways’ Add a comment

Europe’s Fitful Financial Integration

'The road to pan-European regulation over the last two decades has been winding and rocky' Add a comment

Dys-topia, dat-topia, Utopia, meh

‘Looking for the cause of this historical lightning crack in the ceiling of sanity is difficult’ Add a comment

What to do about Ukraine?

‘The mid-term and long-term implications of Russia’s action should shake us to the core’ Add a comment

A European Lost Decade?

‘Japan’s experience shows, prolonged fiscal and monetary stimulus is not a recipe for faster growth. Europe’s leaders should heed that experience.’ Add a comment

The Trouble with Universal Education

‘It is time to abandon this unrealistic goal in favor of an achievable, targeted, and cost-effective approach’ Add a comment

Fixing Europe’s Orbán Problem

‘If Orbán succeeds in building an illiberal state within the EU, others might be encouraged to follow suit’ Add a comment

New Journalism, New Thinking

‘If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that newspapers are closing down everywhere’ Add a comment

Ukraine's next crisis?

Economic disaster looms as the country’s coal industry takes a serious hit Add a comment

How Money is Made

'The problem lies in bank credit-for-asset transactions, which often generate boom-bust cycles' Add a comment

The Coming CLASS War

‘The extra-territorial use of regulatory and tax powers is reinforcing the view that currencies can be wielded as weapons’ Add a comment

The journo crisis

If Risen falls, down go ‘We, the people’ everywhere Add a comment

The New Loose Nukes

‘The only conflict so far in which authorities have lost control of sensitive nuclear materials was the Georgia-Abkhazia War’ Add a comment

Neutralizing Ukraine

‘Putin’s agenda in Ukraine is widely assumed to extend well beyond preventing the country from becoming a base for anti-Russian military forces’ Add a comment

The Framing of MH-17

Characterizing the downing of MH17 publicly as a war crime may prove beneficial in apprehending the perpetrators Add a comment

Who are the major losers of Russian sanctions?

‘The sanctions could also be something of an own-goal for Russia’ Add a comment