TOP 09 under the microscope

Press: Bad campaign, breakup with STAN cause TOP 09 election defeat Add a comment

Poll: Zeman gives country bad name

President hopes to correct people on their negative opinions Add a comment

WaPo slams Zeman as Putin's 'mouthpiece'

Leading US daily takes a harsh look at leaders of Czech Republic and Hungary Add a comment

Bloom wears off Czech–US relations

Právo: Zeman, Temelín cancellation, NATO spending among reasons for Sobotka’s cool reception Add a comment

Citizen Can

Muckraker activism to rejuvenate global democracy Add a comment

Albright praises Havel

Former secretary of state says 1989's success depended on thousands of people Add a comment

Slovaks say Czechs got better deal

Poll shows a split in opinion over who did better in Velvet Divorce Add a comment

Zeman: False news sparked end of Communism

Klaus and Zeman clash over euro and EU affairs in debate over Velvet Revolution Add a comment

Poll shows post-89 dissatisfaction

Most Czechs and Slovaks dissatisfied with post-Communism Add a comment

Democracy threatened with emptiness after 25 years

Czech leaders warn against eroding interest in the gains from the Velvet Revolution Add a comment

Eastern Bloc's fast changes were a surprise

French MEP says Mitterrand and Havel wanted a 'European confederation' Add a comment

Blues for the Velvet Revolution

'For me … the more enduring symbol of the zeitgeist was the Velvet Revolution' Add a comment

Slovak press slams Zeman

Sme: Czech Zeman's vulgarisms overshadow his controversial views Add a comment

Conrad’s leap into the mirrored maze of history

A picture of a fleeing soldier in 1961 helps shed light on the Cold War Add a comment

Whirling Dervishes, conspiracy fearists, and the empire of delusions

‘We all live in Crazytown now; there’s nowhere to hide – not in Brazil, or Russia, and certainly not in Ecuador-on-the-Thames’ Add a comment

LN: Czech approach to US 'unfortunate'

Prague's approach endangers Czech alliance with USA Add a comment

A war on truth?

NYT reporter claims the US has followed policies that led the world astray Add a comment

Kremlin shows favor to Zeman

MfD: Russian Foreign Minister enjoys having a smoke with Czech president Add a comment

The Wonderful Police State of Oz

Oh what a difference a week doesn’t make Add a comment

Eyes on ISIS should be on US

More fighting the symptoms, not the causes, of terror Add a comment

Tracking the Good Soldier K.

‘You have to wonder what he’d think of the burgeoning surveillance state of the world, and its general growing creepiness’ Add a comment

MfD: Ultra-left extremists active

Extremism expert says anarchist groups haven't been mapped appropriately Add a comment

From Scotland to Eastern Ukraine

Calls for self determination divide Europe Add a comment

Islamic State's ultimate goal: Saudi Arabia's oil wells

‘IS knows that it will only feel secure once Saudi Arabia is part of the Caliphate, and its oil fields are under IS control’ Add a comment

Vladimir Putin has won

'The official word out of Moscow was that nothing was happening and that the Russian military wasn’t involved' Add a comment

Reading Israel from Left to Right

'The most sinister form of anti-Zionism is to be found among leftists who see Israel and the US as the planet’s twin evils' Add a comment

Renzi’s Choice, Europe’s Loss

‘Mogherini’s appointment bodes ill for progress toward a more assertive, or at least unified and coherent, European foreign-policy stance’ Add a comment

The Greater Depression

'Inflation has been declining for so long that it is now threatening price stability' Add a comment

The military coup that almost was (and maybe is)

Richard Nixon’s legacy is more alive and well than it should be Add a comment

Building NATO’s ‘Weimar Triangle’

‘The West’s military response to Russia’s new assertiveness ... has been uncoordinated and reluctant’ Add a comment