Soccer Lessons for Europe’s Economy

‘Germany’s soccer revolution was mirrored in the economy’ Add a comment

The Trauma of France’s Jews

'But even if the French state is not anti-Semitic, anti-Semitism does exist in France' Add a comment

The Facebook Furor

‘Reading about Kim Kardashian’s new dress may make you want to buy the dress, but does it also make you feel ugly?’ Add a comment

China’s Climate Commitment

'This transformation promises not only to benefit the environment, but also to create new sources of economic growth' Add a comment

Europe’s Options

‘Widespread economic discontent is reflected in recent political instability’ Add a comment

The Waste of War

‘As was the case a century ago, vain and ignorant leaders are pushing into battle without clear purpose’ Add a comment

The Trade Delusion

'Earth, after all, does not trade with other planets, yet its economy still grows' Add a comment

The New Neutrality

The impact on German foreign policy of the country’s deepening economic ties with Russia has been evident throughout the Ukraine crisis Add a comment

That eerie feeling may be technocreep

People’s intimacy with technology is beginning to turn unsettling Add a comment

The Silver Fox of Dictatorship and Democracy

'Was Shevardnadze ever honest? Was he a democrat or a despot? The reality of the times was that he was both.' Add a comment

A New Caliphate?

'The Islamic State argues that all Muslims, including all jihadist factions, must acknowledge the caliph as their leader if they are not to live in sin' Add a comment

Juncker’s Make-or-Break Presidency

‘Whatever the eurocrats’ strengths and weaknesses, there is no denying that they have developed a unique ethos of complacency and high-handedness’ Add a comment

What Enabled Bretton Woods?

'In order to achieve an agreement of similar scale and influence, world leaders would need to be under similarly high pressure' Add a comment

The Unity of Water

‘Without resolute counter-measures, demand for water will overstretch many societies’ adaptive capacities’ Add a comment

Price of water may increase due to growing scarcity

Environment minister wants to protect groundwater by charging more for it Add a comment

The Lost Legacy of the Freedom Summer

‘50 years later, we are celebrating (in that we are not protesting) a summer of surveillance and opacity instead of freedom and inclusion’ Add a comment

Escaping the Bear Hug

‘Beyond discouraging former Soviet republics from pursuing deeper ties with the EU, Russia has created a sort of “EU” of its own’ Add a comment

A User’s Guide to Conferences

'The concept of “native advertising” (paid advertising masquerading as editorial content) is distressingly applicable at sponsored events' Add a comment

Hard Truths About Europe’s Soft Power

‘While the United States sees security concerns in Asia, Europeans see only an enormous market’ Add a comment

Free-Trade Pitfalls

As it stands, fear of insufficient consumer protection, distorted by vested interests, is dominating the TTIP debate Add a comment

The World Cup’s Sickening Message

"The over-consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and energy-rich processed foods are often framed as lifestyle 'choices''' Add a comment

Life in the Uber City

‘In South America, Asia, and Europe, all levels of government are quickly identifying the potential benefits of building “smart” cities’ Add a comment

The Government as Venture Capitalist

‘Blanket distrust in government, framed by glaring examples of boondoggles and fueled by ideology, too often focuses on the wrong question’ Add a comment

Safer Climate Disasters

Climate change has forced us to change fundamentally the way we analyze disaster risk management Add a comment

Brazil’s Own Goals

‘Productivity remains low; auto plants in Mexico, for example, produce twice as many vehicles per worker’ Add a comment

Europe in a Multipolar World

‘EU member states have no interest in letting their continent slip back into ethnic nationalism and power politics’ Add a comment

Free speech? A nice idea

The James Risen case in context Add a comment

The Nigerian Schoolgirls Near You

'Nigeria’s radical gender inequality reflects a widespread tolerance of discrimination against girls' Add a comment

That Flickering Red Line

‘Putin’s personal rating has skyrocketed in Russia, and the last thing he will feel like doing is backing down’ Add a comment

Europe Is Still Standing

The anti-EU vote should be read as an a vote against socio-economic problems at home and not the Continent at large Add a comment