Zaorálek: U.S.–Cuba step is ‘responsible policy’

But Zeman says it is proof that sanctions don’t work, compares situation to Russia Add a comment

Pehe: Havel’s heritage shrinks into clichés

Three years after Havel’s death, his adviser looks back Add a comment

When levity left the building

In this year of remembrance we look back at Abbie Hoffman, who died 25 years ago and has been overlooked among all the other celebrations Add a comment

Opinion: Sanctions threatening war

‘In the win and lose of economies, the ruble’s decline has hurt all those countries that export to Russia most of all’ Add a comment

Zeman to visit U.S. in March

HN: White House reception unlikely due to his pro-Russia stance Add a comment

The unjustified mean end of privacy

‘If we accept that privacy is at the core of freedom, then it’s clear we are rapidly moving away from, not toward freedom’ Add a comment

Are You Talkin’ To Me?

The lack of privacy in the modern age should be more concerning Add a comment

TOP 09 under the microscope

Press: Bad campaign, breakup with STAN cause TOP 09 election defeat Add a comment

Poll: Zeman gives country bad name

President hopes to correct people on their negative opinions Add a comment

WaPo slams Zeman as Putin's 'mouthpiece'

Leading US daily takes a harsh look at leaders of Czech Republic and Hungary Add a comment

Bloom wears off Czech–US relations

Právo: Zeman, Temelín cancellation, NATO spending among reasons for Sobotka’s cool reception Add a comment

Citizen Can

Muckraker activism to rejuvenate global democracy Add a comment

Albright praises Havel

Former secretary of state says 1989's success depended on thousands of people Add a comment

Slovaks say Czechs got better deal

Poll shows a split in opinion over who did better in Velvet Divorce Add a comment

Zeman: False news sparked end of Communism

Klaus and Zeman clash over euro and EU affairs in debate over Velvet Revolution Add a comment

Poll shows post-89 dissatisfaction

Most Czechs and Slovaks dissatisfied with post-Communism Add a comment

Democracy threatened with emptiness after 25 years

Czech leaders warn against eroding interest in the gains from the Velvet Revolution Add a comment

Eastern Bloc's fast changes were a surprise

French MEP says Mitterrand and Havel wanted a 'European confederation' Add a comment

Blues for the Velvet Revolution

'For me … the more enduring symbol of the zeitgeist was the Velvet Revolution' Add a comment

Slovak press slams Zeman

Sme: Czech Zeman's vulgarisms overshadow his controversial views Add a comment

Conrad’s leap into the mirrored maze of history

A picture of a fleeing soldier in 1961 helps shed light on the Cold War Add a comment

Whirling Dervishes, conspiracy fearists, and the empire of delusions

‘We all live in Crazytown now; there’s nowhere to hide – not in Brazil, or Russia, and certainly not in Ecuador-on-the-Thames’ Add a comment

LN: Czech approach to US 'unfortunate'

Prague's approach endangers Czech alliance with USA Add a comment

A war on truth?

NYT reporter claims the US has followed policies that led the world astray Add a comment

Kremlin shows favor to Zeman

MfD: Russian Foreign Minister enjoys having a smoke with Czech president Add a comment

The Wonderful Police State of Oz

Oh what a difference a week doesn’t make Add a comment

Eyes on ISIS should be on US

More fighting the symptoms, not the causes, of terror Add a comment

Tracking the Good Soldier K.

‘You have to wonder what he’d think of the burgeoning surveillance state of the world, and its general growing creepiness’ Add a comment

MfD: Ultra-left extremists active

Extremism expert says anarchist groups haven't been mapped appropriately Add a comment

From Scotland to Eastern Ukraine

Calls for self determination divide Europe Add a comment