Pro-Russian soldiers enter Czech consulate

Embassy in Kiev says there was an invasion of their abandoned mission in Donetsk and an occupation of Polish consulate Add a comment

New sanctions against Russia start today

Further measures tighten restrictions on banking, defense and energy sectors Add a comment

Jourová to resign from gov’t

Regional development minister says she will not stay on, even if she fails to be confirmed as European commissioner Add a comment

Fico apologizes for Slovakia’s actions during Holocaust

On day commemorating 73 years since harsh anti-Jewish laws were imposed, prime minister speaks about ‘the mad ideals of fascism’ Add a comment

British boy to be treated by protons arrives in Prague

The five-year-old Ashya King is hospitalized at children’s hospital in Prague's Motol quarter before starting treatment at center Add a comment

Ashya King to arrive next week

Czech hospital is getting ready for British boy with cancer Add a comment

Ceasefire starts in Ukraine

Both sides reach an accord in Minsk talks Add a comment

Poroshenko confirms ceasefire in Ukraine

Putin and Poroshenko come to agreement on the phone Add a comment

Full text: Obama points finger at Russia

US president says Russia has ‘repeatedly violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine’ Add a comment
Russian prime minister calls for an emergency UN meeting and a freeze of Russian assets Add a comment

Former StB agent works for Babiš

Finance minister’s Agrofert has ex-secret policeman Libor Široký on supervisory board Add a comment

Prague may host UN "mega summit" in 2016

Government to decide at next meeting whether or not to support proposal for third Habitat conference Add a comment

Segways, bikes banned from Kampa Park

Cryptic signs posted over the weekend are largely ignored so far Add a comment

Photos: Thousands join Prague Pride parade

Fewer people than last year due to uncertain weather Add a comment

Ukrainians in Czech Republic called up to serve in war

An estimated 20,000 men living in the country have been drafted by the Ukrainian military to fight the pro-Russian separatists, but if they wish they can still avoid it Add a comment

Half of Czechs say they fear war may hit country

Conflict in Ukraine has people on edge; more than one-third say conscription should be reinstated Add a comment

Kiev's gas flow cut not to affect Czechs, oil cut worse

Russia's Transneft says oil proces will go up due to pipleline rerouting Add a comment

Zaorálek meets Belarusian human rights fighter

Czech foreign affairs minister reassures Aleś Bialatski of country’s support for his activities Add a comment

Full text: Obama addresses the Ukraine crisis

President says Russia has set back decades of progress, expands sanctions on banks Add a comment

Ukrainian PM resigns, gov’t collapses

Move paves the way for new elections to be held Add a comment

Video: Storms, torrential rains cause damage all over Czech Republic

No one injured, but Bohemia suffers brunt of the storm as trees fall on train tracks and lightning sparks fire in at least three places Add a comment

Anti-smoking law in the works

Czech Republic is currently the only EU member state to allow smoking in restaurants Add a comment

Obama, Putin call for crash investigation

Putin places blame on Ukraine for crash of Malaysian flight; White House calls for ceasefire Add a comment

Babiš takes ax to Hotel Thermal management

New boards will have a supermajority of representatives from his ANO party Add a comment

Ukrainians rail against Russia-loving Klaus

Former president comes under fire, Ukrainian academic labels his words as ‘drivel addressed to fools’ Add a comment

Czech soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Military confirms largest single loss of life in Czech peacekeeping mission; soldiers were giving writing utensils to children Add a comment

AB InBev buys Pivovar Samson

Maker of American Budweiser says the move strengthens its legal claim on name Add a comment

Ambassador Eisen to leave Prague in August

It remains unclear how long position will be vacant before U.S. Congress approves designated successor Add a comment

Nečasová convicted

Former prime minister’s aide-turned-wife is slapped with 12-month suspended sentence for abuse of intelligence services Add a comment

Poroshenko signs agreement with EU

EU leaders praise the deal; Russian adviser to Putin calls Ukrainian president a Nazi Add a comment