Satellite with lizard sex experiment 'lost in space'

Russia loses control of satellite in another setback to its space program Add a comment

GM corn production down

Genetically modified maize area in ČR fell one-third in 2013 Add a comment

First look at the new Škoda Fabia

Concept sketch shows a new, modern design for a young car Add a comment

Cities vying to be tech capital

Competition grows between Europe cities to attract tech startups Add a comment

New 'smart' cameras will call police when you step out of line

Surveillance system in Prague center to assess, report offenses based on software model Add a comment

Czech company finds naked selfies on used smartphones

Antivirus firm Avast recovers 40,000 very personal files from 20 phones bought online Add a comment

Škoda Rapid Spaceback wins Red Dot

Two Škoda cars were honored in with design awards Add a comment building new data center

Czech search engine establishes its own data center, the first outside the center of Prague Add a comment

Big Data and analytics in early stages among CEE utilities

BDA can make significant contributions to innovation, analysts say Add a comment

100,000th Škoda Citigo manufactured

Smart minicar introduces in 2011 is environmentally friendly Add a comment

Holý patent expiration to hurt Czech science

Patents from key researcher to start expiring in 2017, nothing is set to replace them Add a comment

Škoda to launch two CNG models in June

Czech carmaker continues its CNG offensive with the new Škoda Octavia G-TEC Add a comment

European Commission to fund increased energy security

Ukraine crisis cited as impetus to upgrade infrastructure and connections Add a comment

Kourou: Europe's gateway to the galaxy

The Galileo system is just one project using Europe’s foothold in South America Add a comment

CERN experiment sheds new light on cloud formation

Trees play greater role in cooling the planet than previously thought Add a comment

Turkey to become associate member of CERN

The country has been an observer since 1961 and scientist are active in several projects Add a comment

Desktop’s not dead

Windows upgrades revive the Czech PC market in Q1 2014 Add a comment

New European satellite sends back first images

Radar picture of the seat of the EU is first snap for Sentinel-1A Add a comment

CERN finds ‘new class’ of subatomic particle

First conclusive proof after 40 years of searching Add a comment

HN: Breakthrough in diagnosing cystic fibrosis

Czech mass spectrometer may simplify diagnosing several diseases Add a comment

Areva names new CEE head

French firm appoints Jean-André Barbosa to replace Thomas Epron Add a comment

EU-funded iQLandia opens

Czechs' interest in new science center exceeds expectations Add a comment

An array of cars that is simply electric

Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi and even high-performance Porsche showcase electric or hybrid vehicles Add a comment

Czech firm plans 100,000 turntables

SEV Litovel plans to produce record number of gramophones for export to UK, Germany Add a comment

CERN plans collider with 100 kilometer circumference

The European Organization for Nuclear Research prepares its long-term future Add a comment

Is this the Škoda of tomorrow?

Manufacturer unveils edgy design that will have its motorshow debut later this year Add a comment

Mobile Internet users exceed 5 million

Speeds should also increase due to new frequenices Add a comment

Breakthrough in European antimatter research

CERN experiment produces first beam of antihydrogen atoms for hyperfine study Add a comment

Czechs to test Galileo satellite system for jamming

The Galileo system is meant as Europe’s answer to GPS Add a comment

Radio Prague

#Palach Week 1989 saw first stirrings of what would become Velvet Revolution. Its 25th anniv. is now being recalled: Add a comment