Škoda celebrates the arrival of the new Fabia

The first third-generation Fabia is ‘race blue’ and links to your smartphone Add a comment

National Supercomputer Centre opens in Ostrava

Construction of center worth 200 million Kč will finish next year Add a comment

European Commission wants answers on Galileo mishap

European Space Agency still hopes to ‘maximize the possibilities to use the two satellites’ Add a comment

New Galileo satellites in wrong orbit

Space agencies trying to determine implications for mission Add a comment

Two Galileo satellites successfully launched

First two fully operational satellites will soon be part a navigation constellation Add a comment

Galileo launch to stream live today

Satellite launch from French Guiana set for this afternoon Add a comment

New Škoda Octavia Scout begins production

Fuel consumption is 20 percent less than previous models Add a comment

Unlikely bedfellows: Mines that run on solar or wind power

‘Using renewables in their operations is a way for mining companies to change their reputation as something of eco-pariahs’ Add a comment

Galileo program steps away from Soyuz rockets

New EU-made rockets will support independence of bloc’s satellite navigation program Add a comment

Designer explains new Škoda Fabia

Third-generation Fabia is first step in a new direction for carmaker Add a comment

Škoda factories modernized

Plants at full capacity; new Fabia production starts at the end of August Add a comment

Mind over matter: EU researchers use brainpower to get moving

Science fiction concept becomes a reality and helps disabled people Add a comment

The new Škoda Octavia Scout goes on sale

Carmaker calls new model a ‘real workhorse’ that can tow two tons Add a comment

New Škoda Fabia to be fuel efficient

GreenLine model will be most environment-friendly conventional Škoda Add a comment

Pilot project turns wastewater to bioplastic

Sewage treatment plant in Brussels uses bacteria to create plastic polymers Add a comment

Škoda expands 'emotional' Monte Carlo range

Škoda Rapid Spaceback Monte Carlo will debut in autumn Add a comment

Production of new Škoda Fabia set for end of August

Plants are being adapted for new line during holiday break Add a comment

Driving from Berlin to Italy costs how much?

New CNG-powers Škoda Octavia G-TEC makes a test run to the Adriatic Add a comment

Satellite with lizard sex experiment 'lost in space'

Russia loses control of satellite in another setback to its space program Add a comment

GM corn production down

Genetically modified maize area in ČR fell one-third in 2013 Add a comment

First look at the new Škoda Fabia

Concept sketch shows a new, modern design for a young car Add a comment

Cities vying to be tech capital

Competition grows between Europe cities to attract tech startups Add a comment

New 'smart' cameras will call police when you step out of line

Surveillance system in Prague center to assess, report offenses based on software model Add a comment

Czech company finds naked selfies on used smartphones

Antivirus firm Avast recovers 40,000 very personal files from 20 phones bought online Add a comment

Škoda Rapid Spaceback wins Red Dot

Two Škoda cars were honored in with design awards Add a comment building new data center

Czech search engine establishes its own data center, the first outside the center of Prague Add a comment

Big Data and analytics in early stages among CEE utilities

BDA can make significant contributions to innovation, analysts say Add a comment

100,000th Škoda Citigo manufactured

Smart minicar introduces in 2011 is environmentally friendly Add a comment

Holý patent expiration to hurt Czech science

Patents from key researcher to start expiring in 2017, nothing is set to replace them Add a comment

Škoda to launch two CNG models in June

Czech carmaker continues its CNG offensive with the new Škoda Octavia G-TEC Add a comment