Temelín tender ‘not likely’ this year

ČEZ CEO says expansion is in the long term and depends on stable conditions Add a comment

Škoda Fabia wins car of the year

Czech carmaker back on top after coming in second last year Add a comment

Is an invisibility cloak possible?

Slovak scientists are working on making objects ‘disappear’ behind a magnetic field Add a comment

Back to Basics: Why Conventional Drilling Makes Sense in 2015

‘One way for investors to hedge their bets is to look away from the shale cash cows  and towards underexplored conventional plays Add a comment

Czechs invent safer Wi-Fi router

Users of new router will be warned about potential security breaches Add a comment

Škoda has safest small car

New model uses safety features from higher class cars Add a comment

Škoda Auto has a record year

More than 1 million vehicles delivered for the first time Add a comment

New Škoda Superb sketch released

New flagship model s based on the VisionC concept car Add a comment

Four Galileo satellites being readied for launch

European Union’s navigation satellite program is recovering from summer setback Add a comment

Czech expedition finds meteorite

Small fragment was part of a bright bolide that lit up the sky Dec. 9 Add a comment

Unipetrol can take over Česká rafinérská

Antitrust office allows merger of petrochemical group and refinery Add a comment

TPCA to lay off workers

Hundreds of agency workers will be let go in March do to lower than estimated demand Add a comment

Škoda produces 500,000th third-generation Octavia

More than 4.46 million Octavias have been delivered since 1996 Add a comment

Census Hub a single stop for statisticians

New online tool makes examining data across EU countries easier Add a comment

New Škoda Superb to debut in February

Revamped top model of the Škoda line will go on sale by mid-2015 Add a comment

MfD: Large bright bolide hits south Moravia

Meteor-like object lit up late afternoon sky for six seconds Add a comment

Škoda makes 1 million vehicles in one year

Company says milestone is a sign of the brand’s resurgence Add a comment

ESA links satellites for realtime Earth pics

Data can now reach European bases almost immediately due to laser hookups Add a comment

Škoda to show new models the Essen Motor Show

Concept rally car and sporty editions highlight the company’s presentation Add a comment

Škoda’s next rally car a social media hit

The new Škoda Fabia R 5 thrills users on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with its zebra look Add a comment

CERN finds new subatomic particles

These quark-based particles had been predicted but not observed Add a comment

Škoda VisionC headed to China

Czech carmaker now has six models made in China, looks to increase market share Add a comment

Unique 1950s race car restored

Legendary Škoda 966 Supersport has been brought back to its former glory Add a comment

Tweet: Comet probe landed three times

Scientists still looking into failure of harpoons to attach probe to comet Add a comment

Hitch in comet landing

Landing on a comet surface successful but has minor drawback when harpoons fail Add a comment

ESA’s Philae lander headed to comet surface

Landing on a comet surface is the culmination of a 10-year mission Add a comment

Škoda Auto hits milestone

Škoda Vrchlabí plant made its 500,000th DQ 200 transmission Add a comment

Škoda Fabia scores well in crash tests

The Euro NCAP crash tests give top marks to new car design Add a comment

Digital regrets common in teens

Young people often want content posted about them removed, parents often the source Add a comment

Czech paleontologists make discovery in China

Czechs help find new Paleozoic plant species in Wuda in the north of China Add a comment