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The BIG Stories

Czech anarchists planned train attack
02 May 2015 16:33 - Czech News Agency

MfD: Czech Police special unit had been tracking group for months

All Czechs have been contacted in Nepal
29 Apr 2015 14:33 - Czech News Agency

Plane with team of Czech doctors has arrived in Kathmandu

Vietnamese drug mafia may be behind car explosion
24 Apr 2015 09:12 - Czech News Agency

Car bomb in Prague injured woman; police investigate it as attempted murder

Teen women caught, accused of murder
17 Apr 2015 09:24 - Raymond Johnston

Two reform school runaways and a former inmate turned themselves in

Stanislav Gross dies at 45
16 Apr 2015 11:54 - Czech News Agency

Former Czech Social Democrat prime minister had a serious disease

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