Everything you need to know about Prague

A rundown of things in the Golden City to see, and how to see them best Add a comment

How to say 'I like you' in every EU language

European Commission encourages us to at least like one another Add a comment

Prague’s Romeo and Juliet

Rusted cross is reminder of two lovers who came to a tragic end Add a comment

You can find St. Valentine in Vyšehrad

Prague is among 10 cities that have relics of the mysterious third-century saint Add a comment

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match

Despite or maybe because of all the new social media, a traditional way of meeting is making a comeback Add a comment

10 best places to live and work

Europe takes only three spots in new survey Add a comment

U.S. Embassy seeks anti-corruption projects

A special grant competition is aimed at promoting transparency Add a comment

Most book-loving country in the EU

Czechs like borrowing books, library network densest in EU Add a comment

Nativity scenes show a history of folk art

Carved depictions of the manger in Bethlehem have a long Bohemian tradition Add a comment

Old Town tree lit, market open

Thousands watch Christmas tree lighting in center of Prague Add a comment

Your guide to shopping online

Online shoppers have extensive rights in the EU, including 14 days to return goods Add a comment

Christmas markets in Prague

Some holiday markets are already opening Add a comment

Fast traveling in Prague

How to avoid traffic jams and save time and money Add a comment

Top 10 ghosts in Prague

The City of a Hundred Spires has at least that many unhappy spirits, according to legends Add a comment

U.S. Embassy warns about Internet scams

It is rare to recover lost money, which can range into hundreds of thousands of dollars Add a comment

Your guide to working abroad in the EU

For most people from other EU countries, it is pretty simple Add a comment

A red-letter hotel

Remnant of social realism stands the test of time — and so does its name Add a comment

Prague on two wheels

The Golden City is not known for being overly bike friendly, but that is changing Add a comment

EU citizens can register to vote in local elections

The deadline for registration is two days before the upcoming municipal elections Add a comment

When things go wrong: Healthcare abroad in the EU

EU citizens and residents have a lot rights while traveling Add a comment

InterNations brings expats together for seven years

The world’s largest network for expats has close to 1.4 million members Add a comment

Survey: Cyclists want better infrastructure

Bikers say the majority of drivers seen are inconsiderate Add a comment

Traces of communism hard to find

Prague was quick to get rid of reminders of the Soviet occupation, but some reminders remain Add a comment

Tips for tourists

Learning a few dos and don’ts can improve your stay in Prague Add a comment

Prague’s most historical (and not disappointing) tourist attraction

The hourly show at the Astronomical Clock is better with some background Add a comment

Einstein in Prague

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist credits Prague with helping him develop one his key theories Add a comment

Top 10 coffees in Prague

The gourmet coffee trend has revived Prague’s café culture Add a comment

Mozart in Prague

The famed composer spent just a few months in the city but left a wide trail Add a comment

Sirens signaling a zombie apocalypse?

People still fuzzy on the meaning of the monthly alarms Add a comment

Remembering former presidents in Prague: Part Two

Names of most of the country’s communist rulers have been expunged from public space — but not all of them Add a comment