Prague settles dispute with National Geographic

Television channel will admit to staging scenes in ‘exposé’ on city’s criminal goings-on Add a comment

New mosque opens without much fanfare

Around the corner from the Islamic Center raided in April, an unimposing prayer room draws Muslims five times a day Add a comment

Prague is 22nd most frequently visited city in world

MasterCard survey projects Czech capital to have increase of some 400,000 visitors compared with last year Add a comment

New architecture council will be tasked with protecting Prague’s image

Team of 13 experts will examine potentially controversial projects in the capital and seek to avoid another Blanka debacle Add a comment

Prague Pride 2014 to support gays and lesbians from the East

Program will focus on city’s position between West and East; Pet Shop Boys to perform Add a comment

Národní třída reopens

Metro station had been closed for two years during construction of 35-meter Quadrio Add a comment

Prague is world's only zoo to breed spiny-tailed lizard

Reptile had 12 offspring three weeks ago, another batch in May Add a comment

20,000 march against breast cancer

Marches in 60 countries are to raise awareness as well as money Add a comment

Prague cemetery could become its next big tourist attraction

City’s largest burial ground could offer snacks, picnics and book readings to visitors Add a comment

Pigs to stay near former Roma concentration camp

Sobotka: Czech Cabinet will not pay for demolition of pig farm in Lety Add a comment

Ministry says raid on Muslim centers appears lawful

Police president shared the results of investigation into police conduct with the interior minister Add a comment

Photos: Pro-Russian rally wants 'truth' told about Ukraine

Speakers claim the media is putting out biased information about Russia and Ukraine Add a comment

Koh-i-noor claimants definitively fail

Court says it is sorry, but there was nothing new in would-be heirs’ arguments Add a comment

Václav Havel gets his ‘place’ in Prague

A new bench near Kampa is meant to inspire people to share and listen Add a comment

Roman Janoušek sent to jail

Czech prominent businessman finally gets his comeuppance over car accident: three years in prison Add a comment

Art: Jiří Votruba and the long reach of consumerism

Celebrated Prague artist looks at the universality of brands in his new exhibition Add a comment

Czech police raid Prague Islamic center

Media estimate between 10 and 20 people detained over allegedly inflammatory publication Add a comment

Pushkin to get bust for 215th birthday

Local Russians are financing monument for Russian writer Add a comment

Prague museum head booted out after one year

Minister fires agriculture museum’s Balaštíková for employing repeat embezzler Add a comment

ÚSTR selection of new head is contested

Unsuccessful candidates take on Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes Add a comment

Lower house to examine Opencard

Justice minister supports probe into case that allegedly caused millions in damage Add a comment

Russian plaque removed from Prague memorial to Soviet occupants

Monument to Russia’s 1968 and 2014 invasions caused uproar Add a comment

Prague is a magnet for 1-percenters

Czech capital has highest number of luxury brands in the region Add a comment

Prague street art points to anti-Russia sentiment

Unknown protester sees red, “renames” Prague streets with Soviet connotations Add a comment

Petřín Tower to go green for Ireland

Prague joins global initiative to promote Irish tourism and trade Add a comment

Body found in ashes of blaze

A suspected homeless person died in a fire that ignited polystyrene insulation Add a comment

Gallery: Hundreds turn up at Russian Embassy in Prague

Protesters speak out against Putin's intervention in Ukraine Add a comment

Court convicts Prague officials in Opencard case

More charges pending for further officials in disadvantageous deal Add a comment

Hotel fire caused by Swedish youth

Cigarette likely caused 1 million Kč in damages to 10 rooms Add a comment

Memorial to Havel may be installed in Prague

After a visit to commemorative space in Barcelona, Prague mayor envisions similar monument Add a comment