Eating Prague tour shows some culinary secrets

From gourmet sandwiches to EU-protected wafers, a new tour is something to savor Add a comment

EU-backed app helps you buy food at the best price

Local markets can notify users of sales on close-dated food to cut down waste Add a comment

Restaurant: Il Capitano

The Captain offers some treasures for less than a princely ransome Add a comment

Wineries in Armenia slowly modernizing

Oldest winery ever discovered sits in the footsteps of Noah Add a comment

All about beer in one easy diagram

Czechs lead in drinking, but Ukrainians spend less for it Add a comment

Some ideas for your farmers market haul

Making something tasty from fresh fruit is easier than it looks Add a comment

Festival: Whisky Live at New Town Hall

Second year of festival highlighted by visit from Jim Murray Add a comment

Seven weight-loss strategies that work

A few tips to have a healthy diet and a healthy body Add a comment

French market to offer delicacies at Kampa

From July 10-14 Kampa will come alive with French atmosphere to celebrate Bastille Day Add a comment

Avoid the madding crowds with oeno-tourism

You can experience life in the slow lane at some traditional vineyards Add a comment
The former Illusion cinema has had an extensive restoration back to its glory days Add a comment

Hidden Treasures of Lombardy Oeno-Gastronomy

Our recent participation in a group of Prague aficionados in its Wine Society’s excursion to northern Italy revealed some real vinous gems Add a comment

Restaurant: U Pinkasů opens up a corner

Gothic garden is open for the first time in hundreds of years Add a comment

Elderflower recipes

Elderberry trees are in bloom around Prague these days and there's several good reasons why you should jump around the trees trying to grab the umbels of tiny white flowers.

Beer festival at Náplavka

Dozens of brewers will be serving samples on the riverfront Add a comment

Restaurant: Martin’s Bistro in Žižkov

The people formerly behind Hapu are celebrating a year at their new location Add a comment

French wine events offer a choice of wax celebrities or sushi

Dvě Deci will host a tasting at the new waxworks as well as a separate wine-and-sushi event Add a comment

How much fruit and vegetables are you eating?

Latest research suggests people should aim for more than five a day – although most Czech children lag behind even this Add a comment

Server: Organic food still too expensive

Large price differences keep the share of organic food sales very low Add a comment

Disappearing vineyards: Colares, Carcavelos, Bucelas

Vintners in Portugal feel the crunch as development eats up 'protected' land Add a comment

Organic food: Sales are modest, but growing

Interest from consumers is increasing but analyst cites need for better organic agriculture productivity Add a comment

Video: Vegetarian guide to Prague

Prague isn’t very friendly for non-carnivores, but slowly it has been improving Add a comment

Asparagus season recipes

Asparagus season already started two or three weeks ago in Prague, but mostly with Dutch asparagus.
The 100 -year-old landmark venue was once a theater run by Vlasta Burian Add a comment

Poll: Czechs have poor diets

People pay little attention to foods' nutritional values Add a comment

ČSÚ: Czech farmers profit from EU entry

But experts maintain agricultural situation was better before 2004 Add a comment

Restaurants: Cowboys closes doors

Owner cites dispute with landlord for quick decision to shutter eatery Add a comment

Schilcher – A top Styrian secret

A wine for peasants now is a sought after item that can’t meet demand Add a comment

Canada (Not Only) Dry

Some strict wine laws apply at the top of North America Add a comment

Prague’s top 5 Latin bars

If you know where to look it is easy to get something aside from the ubiquitous guláš or pasta Add a comment