Food combining rules for optimal digestion

There is a lot of debate over the science behind food combining, without much evidence to back it up. Add a comment

Restaurant: Pumpkin menu at Triton

Seasonal menu served in an underground cave on Wenceslas Square Add a comment

7 fresh and healthy fast food options in Prague

Good news for health-conscious visitors to Prague: klobása and deep-fried cheese are not the only game in town for convenience dining. Add a comment

Beet Juice: To Drink or Not To Drink?

Beetroot juice is my favorite "super food"! Almost every morning I add beetroot to my morning fresh juice in combination with apples, carrots, parsley and ginger. For me, it’s the best start. Add a comment

Gov’t taking aim against vegetable dumping prices

Russian embargo has led to surpluses, falling prices of some produce Add a comment

Going green in Provence

Village embraces organic techniques to combat globalization Add a comment

Top student cafés and bars

A few local spots cater to the university students and the traveler on a budget Add a comment

Number of breweries grows in ČR, output stagnates

Consumption per capita continues to fall, but Czechs remain on top Add a comment

Day of Czech Beer offers special brew

An unfiltered and unpasteurized beer will be available one day only Add a comment

Festival: Whisky Live Prague is this weekend

Over 150 types of whiskies will be available, along with master guidance Add a comment

The ultimate svíčková recipe

Braised beef with bread dumplings Add a comment

Juicing vs blending

‘Should I juice my veggies or should I blend them?’ is a common question that I receive on a regular basis. Add a comment

Restaurant: Továrna na iluze

Czech food form the golden age of the First Republic is no illusion Add a comment

Top iPhone apps for health and vitality

Here are my favorite applications that keep me looking and feeling my best, from healthy food to exercise and meditation. Add a comment

Russian food ban hits Czech farmers

Czech apple, vegetable prices fall markedly due to loss of Russian market Add a comment

The peasant princess

Bettina Lobkowicz now oversees her own riverside vineyard Add a comment

Where to drink burčák (young ‘wine’) in Prague

Autumn brings an age old tradition with it: drinking the earliest pressings of the grapes Add a comment

Schools, hospitals should buy Czech food

Regional governor proposes move to mitigiate Russian ban Add a comment

Eating Prague tour shows some culinary secrets

From gourmet sandwiches to EU-protected wafers, a new tour is something to savor Add a comment

EU-backed app helps you buy food at the best price

Local markets can notify users of sales on close-dated food to cut down waste Add a comment

Restaurant: Il Capitano

The Captain offers some treasures for less than a princely ransome Add a comment

Wineries in Armenia slowly modernizing

Oldest winery ever discovered sits in the footsteps of Noah Add a comment

All about beer in one easy diagram

Czechs lead in drinking, but Ukrainians spend less for it Add a comment

Some ideas for your farmers market haul

Making something tasty from fresh fruit is easier than it looks Add a comment

Festival: Whisky Live at New Town Hall

Second year of festival highlighted by visit from Jim Murray Add a comment

Seven weight-loss strategies that work

A few tips to have a healthy diet and a healthy body Add a comment

French market to offer delicacies at Kampa

From July 10-14 Kampa will come alive with French atmosphere to celebrate Bastille Day Add a comment

Avoid the madding crowds with oeno-tourism

You can experience life in the slow lane at some traditional vineyards Add a comment
The former Illusion cinema has had an extensive restoration back to its glory days Add a comment

Hidden Treasures of Lombardy Oeno-Gastronomy

Our recent participation in a group of Prague aficionados in its Wine Society’s excursion to northern Italy revealed some real vinous gems Add a comment