Where to go for Thanksgiving

The strange American holiday built around turkey and pie is celebrated at a few places Add a comment

Chocolate Festival 3 at Galerie Harfa

Visitors can see how pralines are made and sample some chocolate recipes Add a comment

Michelin-starred chef Reine Sammut is cooking in Diplomat Hotel Prague!

Charismatic Reine Sammut is coming back to Diplomat Hotel Prague. Add a comment

Czech doctors: Moravian wine helps erectile dysfunction

Právo reports red wine helps stimulate blood circulation in diabetics Add a comment

Wine: St. Martin’s Day celebration

New Czech wine jumps the gun on Beaujolais nouveau Add a comment

Brunch at Hotel Josef

Design hotel in Old Town ups the game on hotel breakfasts Add a comment

Eating habits have changed since Velvet Revolution

Czechs eat less meat and bread, eat more vegetables, rice and sweets Add a comment

Emotions of the World, No. 10

Two grapes go head to head in the small Valcalepio wine region Add a comment

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

With benefits that can include weight loss, white teeth, glowing skin and shiny hair, coconut oil is the health and beauty must have Add a comment

Top 5: Czech cuisine

A roundup of some of the best local eateries from the Prague Sorbet blog Add a comment

Food combining rules for optimal digestion

There is a lot of debate over the science behind food combining, without much evidence to back it up. Add a comment

Restaurant: Pumpkin menu at Triton

Seasonal menu served in an underground cave on Wenceslas Square Add a comment

7 fresh and healthy fast food options in Prague

Good news for health-conscious visitors to Prague: klobása and deep-fried cheese are not the only game in town for convenience dining. Add a comment

Beet Juice: To Drink or Not To Drink?

Beetroot juice is my favorite "super food"! Almost every morning I add beetroot to my morning fresh juice in combination with apples, carrots, parsley and ginger. For me, it’s the best start. Add a comment

Gov’t taking aim against vegetable dumping prices

Russian embargo has led to surpluses, falling prices of some produce Add a comment

Going green in Provence

Village embraces organic techniques to combat globalization Add a comment

Top student cafés and bars

A few local spots cater to the university students and the traveler on a budget Add a comment

Number of breweries grows in ČR, output stagnates

Consumption per capita continues to fall, but Czechs remain on top Add a comment

Day of Czech Beer offers special brew

An unfiltered and unpasteurized beer will be available one day only Add a comment

Festival: Whisky Live Prague is this weekend

Over 150 types of whiskies will be available, along with master guidance Add a comment

The ultimate svíčková recipe

Braised beef with bread dumplings Add a comment

Juicing vs blending

‘Should I juice my veggies or should I blend them?’ is a common question that I receive on a regular basis. Add a comment

Restaurant: Továrna na iluze

Czech food form the golden age of the First Republic is no illusion Add a comment

Top iPhone apps for health and vitality

Here are my favorite applications that keep me looking and feeling my best, from healthy food to exercise and meditation. Add a comment

Russian food ban hits Czech farmers

Czech apple, vegetable prices fall markedly due to loss of Russian market Add a comment

The peasant princess

Bettina Lobkowicz now oversees her own riverside vineyard Add a comment

Where to drink burčák (young ‘wine’) in Prague

Autumn brings an age old tradition with it: drinking the earliest pressings of the grapes Add a comment

Schools, hospitals should buy Czech food

Regional governor proposes move to mitigiate Russian ban Add a comment

Eating Prague tour shows some culinary secrets

From gourmet sandwiches to EU-protected wafers, a new tour is something to savor Add a comment

EU-backed app helps you buy food at the best price

Local markets can notify users of sales on close-dated food to cut down waste Add a comment