EU petitions portal gets friendlier

Revamped web page makes it easier to redress grievances Add a comment

Eurojust: Organized crime is damaging environment

Justice Commissioner Jourová calls for serious approach on environmental crimes Add a comment

Vietnamese people-smuggling network smashed

The Czech Republic was among participants in an international police action Add a comment

Full text: The case for TTIP

The new EU commissioner for trade is upbeat over pending US deal Add a comment

Klaus attacks EU like never before

Euroskeptic former president proposes that the union not just be ignored but destroyed Add a comment

EU slams protectionism

Global trade increasingly obstructed according to annual report Add a comment

National Memory Prize awarded in Prague

Annual prize celebrates those who fought the communist regimes in Eastern Europe during the Cold War Add a comment

Zeman appears on Russian TV to blast sanctions

Despite large opposition to his cozy stance on Russia, Czech president says Ukraine is experiencing nothing other than a ‘civil war’ Add a comment

Obama and EU leaders talk TTIP

Positive words but no signs on progress on EU-US trade agreement Add a comment

Six presidents celebrate end of Communism

Visegrad 4 leaders were joined by presidents from Ukraine and Germany Add a comment

Visegrád Four presidents denounce Russian annexation of Crimea

Zeman joined the regional powers in calling out Russia’s widely condemned territorial aggression earlier this year Add a comment

Slovak president supports further sanctions against Russia

Andrej Kiska insists on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and says war involves a Europe-wide fight for security and truth Add a comment

Cameron praises ECJ ruling

UK PM seeks greater control over immigration within the EU Add a comment

Expert warns of loophole in EU drug legislation

New unregulated chemicals can be used to make methamphetamine Add a comment

Sobotka: EU is safe haven

Czech prime minister says the country should join the eurozone after 2018 Add a comment

Operation Cocktail puts brakes on liquor carousel fraud

European action leads to 19 arrests of organized crime members in four countries Add a comment

EU increases aid to Ukraine

28-country block boosts humanitarian assistance and recovery aid to Ukraine to €32 million Add a comment

Full text: Gorbachev warns the world ‘a new Cold War’ may have already begun

Sober analysis by former Soviet leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner examines ups and downs of the 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down Add a comment

Anniversary concert hits snag in Bratislava

Slovak parliament cancels concert marking communism fall Add a comment

Czech Embassy in Moscow: No visas for Russians in Crimea

Embassy dismisses Russian newspaper’s claim and says Crimean people must apply in Ukraine offices Add a comment

EU increases response to Ebola

28-member bloc scales up aid with planes, material aid and research support Add a comment

Czech finance minister is richest Slovak

Andrej Babiš, who owns the Agrofert group, has assets of more than 2 billion euros Add a comment

Former communist senator from ČR present at separatist election

Jaroslav Doubrava used diplomatic passport to travel to Ukraine but says he did not represent the state Add a comment

Only female Slovak minister resigns over scandal

Slovak Health Minister out due to overpriced purchase from company with political ties Add a comment

Juncker Commission takes office

European Commission has new president after 10 years under Barroso Add a comment

EU to support horn of Africa

Support is aimed at regional development and peacekeeping Add a comment

EU: Russia broke rules — on refrigerators and palm oil

European Union requests WTO consultations with Russia over excessive import duties Add a comment

EU-Ukraine agreement takes effect

Parties issue a joint statement praising closer relations Add a comment

Czech Intelligence: Al-Qaeda using social networking in EU

Czech Republic not primary target; Internet activity may raise lone terrorist operatives Add a comment

Slovakia could ban same-sex marriage outright

Country’s Constitutional Court rules referendum can go ahead, but question that could ban registered partnership is unconstitutional Add a comment