EU milk overflowing due to Russian ban

The European Commission announces emergency market support measures for the milk sector Add a comment

Czech Republic, Germany agree to long-term Lobkowicz lease

Germany had sought to purchase property, but both countries’ ministers express satisfaction with outcome Add a comment

Christian activists demand referendum to ‘protect the family’

Slovakia’s Alliance for Family wants to ban adoption by homosexual couples Add a comment

Flaws mean Slovakia cannot draw its share of EU funds

Inspectors find mistakes in public tenders, supervision by Slovak authorities Add a comment

European Commission adopts 'Partnership Agreement' with ČR

Document lays out the strategy for using EU Structural and Investment Funds for growth and jobs until 2020 Add a comment

Poroshenko: Association Agreement will be ratified in September

Ukrainian president also tells EU high representative of 10 captured Russian soldiers Add a comment

Sobotka: Crisis in Ukraine won’t end any time soon

Prime minister and his foreign affairs minister call for greater engagement with Russia to solve crisis Add a comment

‘Právo:’ The West’s approach to conflicts? Improvise!

NATO is facing the five major crises of the day with myopia and utter incompetence, columnist argues Add a comment

Opposition decries prime minister’s NATO stance

Sobotka says one thing in ‘Foreign Policy’ article, does another, say members of opposition Add a comment

Slovak president accepts ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

But Zeman refuses to take part in ALS awareness campaign 'for the time being,' according to spokesman Add a comment

EU commissioner: Privacy and free media need to be balanced

Data protection remains a sticky issue with rules that some call too vague Add a comment

Putin turns down invitation to Slovakia

Former President Gašparovič had asked Russian counterpart to attend celebration of Slovak National Uprising next week Add a comment

Farmers hit by Russian boycott to get aid

No alternative market exists for many perishable food items Add a comment

Presidential Office fears EU-Russia sanctions escalation

Zeman points to ineffectiveness of decades-long U.S. embargo on Cuba as proof that sanctions lead nowhere Add a comment

Slovakia plans to markedly increase minimum wage

Czech Republic’s neighbor is set to hike living wage some 8 percent, surpassing Czech level Add a comment

Zaorálek: Russia can easily calm down situation in Ukraine

Foreign affairs minister says Prague considers sending weapons to the Kurds after Czech government’s summer recess Add a comment

Slovak president rejects PM’s negative view of Russian sanctions

Unlike Fico, Kiska says ‘the fundamental values of freedom and democracy’ trumps economic loss as a consequence of sanctions imposed on Russia Add a comment

Something over-fishy in Denmark (and nine other states)

10 countries exceed fishing quotas, but amount was less than in previous year Add a comment

Fico criticizes Ukraine for possible sanctions against Russia

Slovak prime minister says Ukraine should honor its commitments to the association agreement Add a comment

President disparages EU diplomatic effort with Russia

Zeman says there should be caution regarding Russian humanitarian aid to Ukraine, because union is not ‘capable of applying effective diplomacy’ Add a comment

Soviets spied on their friends in Czechoslovakia

Archive confirms that KGB had ears inside communist Czechoslovakia’s halls of power Add a comment

Slovakia has more atheists than expected

Czech Republic’s traditionally Catholic neighbor to the east shows little support for the church Add a comment

Commemorative plaque to mark Czechoslovak legions in Kyiv

Although preparations for the ceremony have been ongoing, the presence of World War I Russian costumes at a time of anti-Russian sentiment may be discomfiting Add a comment

EU increases humanitarian assistance for Ukraine

Funding is intended to address basic needs of Ukrainian conflict-affected population Add a comment

LN: ISSTRAS pushes Russian propaganda in Prague

Czech daily writes how Institute of Slavonic Strategic Studies touts fictitious claims as fact Add a comment

EU-funded tool to help our brain deal with big data

With data generation in the quadrillions of bytes every minute, the European Union joins with researchers to find a way to process all this information Add a comment

Former Slovak president left successor ‘a ticking time bomb’

Gašparovič sent Putin an invitation to attend Slovak Uprising celebration without consulting newly inaugurated Kiska Add a comment

Sobotka says EU should solve Russian sanctions

Prime Minister views union as the institution that should deal with consequences of Russian embargo on EU foods Add a comment

Zeman supports trade with Russia

Spokesman says president sees turmoil in Ukraine as a ‘short- or medium-term matter’ Add a comment

European Parliament publishes its ‘must-see’ list of sights

Each member state has one little-known attraction on the Foursquare list of 28 Add a comment