EU-Ukraine agreement takes effect

Parties issue a joint statement praising closer relations Add a comment

Czech Intelligence: Al-Qaeda using social networking in EU

Czech Republic not primary target; Internet activity may raise lone terrorist operatives Add a comment

Slovakia could ban same-sex marriage outright

Country’s Constitutional Court rules referendum can go ahead, but question that could ban registered partnership is unconstitutional Add a comment

Czech flag at Vienna embassy set alight ahead of Oct. 28

Czechoslovakia was created out of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918 Add a comment

Sobotka in favor of Czech-Slovak cooperation in transport, EU policy

Prime Minister praises the relationship between the two countries and says the wider region benefits from them working together Add a comment

Sobotka: Ukrainian elections will enable democracy

Czech gov’t says EU-friendly victors will have a strong mandate to represent Ukraine Add a comment

Full text: Statement on Ukrainian elections by Van Rompuy and Barroso

Outgoing heads of the European Council and the European Commission call the parliamentary elections ‘a victory of the people of Ukraine and of democracy’ Add a comment

Experts: EU energy package lacks courage

Greenhouse emissions should be cut by 40 percent from 1990 levels Add a comment

Most Czechs consider Russia threat to their country

For first time since the late ’90s, a majority of citizens in the Czech Republic hold this view Add a comment

Denis Mukwege wins the Sakharov Prize

The European Parliament awards Congolese gynecologist for his tireless activism to make the world aware of rape victims in his country Add a comment

Full text: Catherine Ashton speaks out on Kobanê

In a speech delivered on her behalf, the European Union high representative said the union cannot stand by and allow victory for Islamic State Add a comment

Central European leaders speak (some) English

English is not as easy as the language’s native speakers might like to believe Add a comment

It is almost time to turn back the clock

Summer / daylight saving time ends this weekend; Europeans will sleep one hour longer Add a comment

Andrej Kiska, an engaged leader

Slovak president travels, debates, delivers speeches, launches business incubator while Czech counterpart sunbathes in Greece with Russian hosts Add a comment

Sme: Slovak Andrej Babiš is the ‘Czech Berlusconi’

Slovak paper adds that former secret police agents still have a very big voice in society today Add a comment

Four foreign presidents will mark Nov. 17 in Prague

Heads of state from Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia will come to celebrate 25 years since Velvet Revolution Add a comment

Zeman gives expatriates' application to minister

President continues his full-throated support of Volhynian Czechs Add a comment

Coal a sticking point in environmental program

European Commission has several objections to operation program for 2014–20 Add a comment

Progress seen in fight against human trafficking

Reports say first half of three-year plan has shown results in handling human trafficking cases Add a comment

EU calls for ‘solidarity’ if Russian gas supply is interrupted

Gas Stress Test shows cooperation is key to coping with a potential supply problem Add a comment

Poland in trouble over car disposal

The European Commission is taking Poland to court over failings in end-of-life vehicles legislation Add a comment

Today is World Food Day

EU research turning food waste into feed Add a comment

Czech Republic asked to change visa appeal procedure

Four CEE countries should provide for appeal before a judicial body Add a comment

Most Czech firms are happy with sanctions against Russia

Close to 70 percent of companies agree with measures taken by the West in reaction to Ukrainian invasion Add a comment

Sme: Czech politics becoming arena of businessmen

Slovak daily points to Andrej Babiš’s activities as evidence parties are about business, not ideology Add a comment

U.S. ambassador to OSCE sees little progress in Ukraine

Daniel Baer says while a few prisoners have been exchanged, the 12-point protocol remains far from implemented Add a comment

Dozens of hepatitis A cases appear in Slovakia

Roma community among those hit hardest by local epidemic in country’s southern districts Add a comment

Refugee crisis hits EU close to borders

Growing numbers from Syria and Iraq put pressure on neighboring countries Add a comment

Slovaks join fighting from Ukraine to Iraq

Intelligence services report country’s nationals have joined fights abroad, but number is very low Add a comment

European Commission discusses poverty

EU currently suffers record numbers of people in poverty Add a comment