European Neighborhood Policy to be examined

Recent events require a ‘fundamental review’ of a policy last examined in 2011 Add a comment

Kiska: NATO must counter information war

Slovak president, NATO secretary-general agree that in the end truth will prevail Add a comment

EU mobilizes efforts to end Ebola

Conference brings EU and African leaders together to fight disease Add a comment

Sme: Tesco considers leaving Central Europe

UK retailer currently employs some 24,000 in Czech Republic and Slovakia Add a comment

Misinformed Poles flock to Czech town for illegal drugs

Polish media perpetuates the myth that drugs are legal, causing headaches for border town Add a comment

Ambassador to Berlin wants more cooperation on meth problem

New envoy wants increased prevention; sees pervitin as a problem in border areas Add a comment

European minks being swapped for conservation

Young rare European minks going to Finland and Poland Add a comment

Slim majority of Brits want out of the EU

More people would be willing to stay if there were reforms to overregulation Add a comment

Changes to flight passenger data proposed

Internal EU flights may now be included, full coverage to start sooner Add a comment

EU sets out Energy Union strategy

‘Most ambitious European energy project since the Coal and Steel Community’ Add a comment

Former Russian cosmonaut passes away

Czech ambassador to Russia, who had made same space journey in late-1970s, expresses his sadness Add a comment

Former Slovak prime minister will be Jourová’s assistant

Iveta Radičová will advise Czech EU commissioner on gender equality Add a comment

Czechs mostly positive about EU membership

New poll reflects citizens’ growing confidence in 28-country union Add a comment

Fico criticized at home for pro-Russian stance

Slovak prime minister is grilled over his rejection of sanctions against Russia Add a comment

Artists paint monument to communist official red

Hours after statue to Vasil Biľak was unveiled in Slovakia, former dissidents took a brush to it Add a comment

Crime victims to have more rights

Commissioner Jourová comments on the European day for victims of crime Add a comment

Czechs second in opposition to immigrants

In the EU, only Latvia has a higher number; Swedes are most tolerant Add a comment

Europe pushes green investment

EIB and EC put forward a plan to encourage local banks to support projects Add a comment

EU releases funds for Palestinian Authority

First tranche of €212 million is for healthcare, education and other social services Add a comment

Speech: Towards an Effective Energy Union

Energy and Climate Change Arias Cañete addressed the EU’s new vision at the Lisbon Council Add a comment

Did first Slovak prime minister spy on Dubček?

Slovak daily reports that Vladimír Mečiar may have collaborated with the communist secret police Add a comment

Don’t cancel Greek debt, Sobotka says

Czech prime minister calls on European Union to hold Greece accountable Add a comment

Czech lorries with humanitarian aid leave for Ukraine

Sobotka and Zaorálek attend the departure of the convoy to Kyiv Add a comment

European Commission: ‘Europe will not be intimidated’

EC issues statement following two shootings in Copenhagen Add a comment

SSHR head says diesel dispute may be costly

Švagr: CR may lose 1.5 billion Kč over diesel oil stored in Germany Add a comment

Sobotka denounces Copenhagen attacks

Terrorist attacks killed two people in Denmark Add a comment

Sobotka asks Germany for help in oil transfer

Czech strategic reserves are caught up in a German bankruptcy dispute Add a comment

MEPs disagree over what to do about CIA torture report

Not all political groups in Brussels see the issue the same way Add a comment

European Parliament addresses CIA torture

EP to resume investigations into CIA-led operations in EU countries Add a comment

EU to provide aid for mine closure

Commission approves aid to alleviate social costs of closing uncompetitive coal mine in the Czech Republic Add a comment