Slovak radio refuses to broadcast Christian ‘hate speech’

Speech comes ahead of referendum on the family; broadcaster said it violated the law Add a comment

Former German president dies at 94

Weizsaecker, president during reunification, helped launch good Czech-German relations Add a comment

Three leaders meet at site of the Battle of Three Emperors

Austrians, Czechs, Slovaks to jointly focus on gas, EU subsidies Add a comment

Syriza has its work cut out

Analyst: How much can be changed to debt agreements is an open question Add a comment

European leaders mark Auschwitz liberation

EP president reminds people to fight for justice every day Add a comment

Full text: Zeman’s speech at Holocaust event

Czech president compares current crisis with Islamic State to lack of resistance to the remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936 Add a comment

Zeman warns of a ‘super-holocaust’

Czech president compares Islamic State to Nazi Germany, calls on UN Security Council to take action Add a comment

Zeman at Holocaust remembrance: ‘I am a Jew’

Czech president seeks to emulate JFK at 70th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp; also speaks up for use of drones as he promises ‘radical speech’ Add a comment

Zaorálek says new Greek gov’t should compromise

Czech Foreign Affairs minister expresses hope that Greece’s newly elected radical left party will work with European Union Add a comment

Prague archbishop asks for interreligious dialogue

Dialogue must be ‘informed’ according to Cardinal Dominik Duka Add a comment

Three ministers to attend Auschwitz remembrance with Sobotka

Defense, labor and culture ministers will go with prime minister to Poland Add a comment

Czech diesel reserves may be lost

Germans say diesel oil reserves stored in Germany don't belong to Czech Republic Add a comment

EU to step up aid to Ukraine

Commissioner Stylianides to visit Ukraine to meet with victims Add a comment

Prime minister weighs in on Michalák case

Sobotka asks his Norwegian counterpart to assess the case Add a comment

Prostitution in Czech-German borderland still a problem

Numbers have declined, but Germans’ interest in seeking out cheaper services than at home has not Add a comment

President criticizes Ukrainian prime minister

Zeman calls Yatsenyuk’s anti-Soviet statement on visit to Germany a ‘distortion of history’ Add a comment

EU, Vietnam discuss human rights

In fourth dialogue between the two parties, focus is on death penalty and freedom of expression, among others Add a comment

MEP to negotiate Czech children’s return to mother in Norway

Tomáš Zdechovský will also discuss other cases in the Nordic country in which Czech families were broken up Add a comment

Chechen terrorism suspect detained in Slovakia

Country is preparing to extradite individual, detained at Vyšné Nemecké border crossing, to Russia Add a comment

Slovakia to reinstate citizenship for some

New move to affect mostly Hungarian Slovaks who had lost status following passage of controversial 2010 law Add a comment

Charlie Hebdo has sold out in Czech Republic

First 100 copies went on sale this morning, were all snapped up before lunchtime Add a comment

MEPs: Russian sanctions should stay

EU asked to propose a response to the Russian ‘information war’ Add a comment

Paris supermarket terrorist had Czech gun

Semiautomatic rifle is a recent model made by a Moravian company Add a comment

Sobotka headed to Paris

Czech PM and foreign minister to pay tribute to terrorism victims Add a comment

Sobotka denies Polish press report

Polish PM did not complain about Oswiecim memorial events in the Czech Republic   Add a comment

European Union condemns Paris attack

EC vice president says EU is ‘united in the fight against all extremism’ Add a comment

MEPS to have minute of silence

European Parliament to show support for the victims of the attack against Charlie Hebdo Add a comment

Latvia takes over EU Presidency

Single digital market and trade agreement with US are seen as priorities Add a comment

Former Slovak PM critical of populism

Radičová: Fico and Zeman address people nostalgic for communism Add a comment

US opening up to EU beef again

Ireland is the first country to be allowed to export beef to the US following the BSE scare Add a comment