Tesco posts huge loss in Czech Republic

‘Extraordinary asset write-offs’ to blame for drop Add a comment

Here's what will send oil prices back up again

‘The low price brigade cites another factor in making their predictions, the rise of alternative energy sources’ Add a comment

Fitch: QE can be beneficial to public finances

But exiting from QE would not be without significant risks Add a comment

Lack of qualified workforce a problem

Česká spořitelna board chairman says macroeconomic situation is very good Add a comment

South Korean tire maker to build Czech plant

Prime minister wasn’t just spinning his wheels on trade trip Add a comment

Is oil returning to $100 or dropping to $10?

‘As with most things in life it is unlikely that the truth lies at either extreme’ Add a comment

South Korea is biggest trading partner outside Europe

Asian nation has strong economic ties to Czech Republic Add a comment

Gender gap persists in pensions

Women get less due to lower pay, less time worked Add a comment

Why Oil Prices Must Go Up

‘The dearth of discoveries in 2014 … could lead to a price spike in the 2020s’ Add a comment

Budvar's exports hit by situation in Russia and Ukraine

Falling ruble virtually stops exports to Russia, while Ukraine is down 60 percent Add a comment

ECB's QE plan will be ‘moderately positive’

Experts see some good effects from quantitative easing, but isn’t the only step needed Add a comment

Industrial production up almost 5 percent in 2014

Auto sector, electrical equipment and metal industries drives growth Add a comment

Czech economy to slip into deflation this year

Negative inflation rate would be first in Czech history, inflation expected to return in 2016 Add a comment

Government debt down in the EU

Decline is the first in the EU 28 in 15 quarters Add a comment

Arctic oil on life support

‘The first month of 2015 has darkened Arctic dreams even further’ Add a comment

Boom in vinyl records means record year for turntable maker

SEV Litovel produces record of 96,000 gramophones in 2014, hopes to break 100,000 in 2015 Add a comment

Most Czech exporters feel lower demand from Russia

Almost all Czech companies plan to stay in Russian market in the long term Add a comment

FinMin improves GDP growth estimate

But outside factors such as developments in Russia and Greece still pose a risk Add a comment

Shadow economy is over 600 billion Kč

Two-thirds of the shadow economy in Europe is the result of undeclared work Add a comment

Oil prices changing the face of global geopolitics

‘Some have speculated that the oil price crash was orchestrated by the Saudis, possibly in collusion with the United States’ Add a comment

TTIP has a potential impact on third countries

Germany’s Ifo Institute and the IAW Tübingen examine the pending EU-US trade deal Add a comment

Czech firms doing better in Slovakia than local firms

Analysis: Companies owned by Czechs had higher profit and sales Add a comment

ECB announces expanded asset purchase program

Step is intended to address risks of prolonged low inflation Add a comment

ČR falls behind Slovakia in GDP growth

German economy is putting a limit on Czech expansion in the next few years, economist says Add a comment

Unions oppose large ČSA wage cuts

Management of Czech Airlines wants substantial concessions Add a comment

Value of the crown plummets

Czech currency weakens to nine-year against dollar, six-year low against euro Add a comment

Top five factors affecting oil prices in 2015

China, OPEC and American shale are among the factors to watch Add a comment

Businesses want stronger crown

Czech companies would welcome crown at 23.68 /euro Add a comment

Energy crisis as early as 2016

Low prices could just be temporary if supply drops Add a comment

Analysts: Further crown depreciation unlikely for now

Some experts say Czech crown may hit 30 to the euro in case of deflation Add a comment